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Day 1 : How to align teams & receive a free OKR super-starter pack

Day 2: The framework to set the right OKRs & monitor progress

Day 3: How to identify and choose the correct metrics

Day 4 : How to implement OKRs for Product Management Teams

Day 5 : How to implement OKRs for Marketing Teams

Day 6 : How to implement OKRs for Sales/ BD Teams

Day 7 : How to implement OKRs for Growth Teams

Day 8 : How to use OKRs for creating High Performance Teams

Day 9 : Best practices for writing and implementing OKRs

Day 10 : A ton of resources and templates to get you started rightaway

We did all the research to bring to you the essentials of setting the right OKRs the right way at the right time. Use this course to take your business to new heights this year.

What are OKRs? A goal setting methodology that focuses on outcomes, empowering teams so they can figure out how to make the business successful. Anything else is not OKRs. Anything else is project management wine in OKR bottles.

Christina R Wodtke, author of Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results


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