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Continuous upward feedback
Org-widegoal visibility

Get everyone to row in the same direction by giving visibility into key business objectives and how their work contributes to the bigger picture

  • Create transparency within & across teams
  • Align business strategy with team projects
Intelligent OKR tracker

Never lose sight of the metrics which matter by automating OKRs & check-ins. Get real time insights on day-to-day progress

  • Receive real-time AI driven OKR grading
  • Predict risk before it happens
Zerocontext switching

Automate OKRs and check-ins into collaboration and CRM tools you use every day so you never 'set goals and forget it’

  • Get OKR reports in the flow of work
  • Save time by tracking updates automatically

Make OKRs a force multiplier of your business

Simplify continuous feedback collection with our industry first 1-question-a-day framework and get insights that drive real organizational change

How does it work?


OKR coaching

Train your team and managers to write and implement the right OKRs with expert-led OKR coaching and on boarding support

  • Write, adopt & implement OKRs easily
  • Build OKR experts within your organization

Build accountability

Hold employees positively accountable by assigning owners for each objective, key results & projects

  • Set clear, specific, measurable OKRs
  • Drive continuous performance & engagement

Measure real-time progress

Get a bird's eye view of the progress on each key OKRs and high priority projects. Resolve key performance issues preemptively

  • Data-driven dashboard
  • Compare progress over time

Cross functional collaboration

Collaborate easily across teams and departments by aligning cross-functional projects and tracking cumulative progress

  • Get everyone on the same page
  • Align goals with minimum effort
Guided 1:1s

Help managers drive high performance & retention with impactful 1:1s

Daily Employee Feedback

Get high quality employee feedback right in the flow of work

People Analytics

Make data driven decisions for all your talent management initiatives

"I have always hated the end of year/mid-year employee reviews as they take up a lot of time, and most of the time I would just click through them rather than being diligent. Superbeings has brought that process to 30 seconds a day; and I feel more engaged in improving the culture of the company."
Software Engineering Manager
"Superbeings is an efficient tool that helps understand the employee mindset. The questions asked are so well thought of and psychologically backed. The tool can be customized according to my organizational needs. Customer support is super prompt and ever ready to resolve queries."
Senior Manager, People Operations
"As a founder, you might have created a top rung with the key cultural characteristics and how it would translate into the next rung of leadership. SuperBeings shows you the cultural changes, and you can decide whether you need any interventions or not. Super helpful, responsive product team that listens to your feedback!"
Senior Manager, People Operations
"It's been exactly what I was looking for. Provides interesting and actionable information in a real-time way with a very unobtrusive UI built into the chat system"
Ben Fahlgren
Senior Manager, People Operations
"It's an awesome tool. If you know how to react to the metrics, the data generated is gold level insights for us"
Mitesh K
Lead HRBP, Wellthy Therapeutics