Know Your Team
Like Never Before

Advanced People Analytics and Dashboards for CEOs, HR Leaders and Managers

Clean and simple

Our dashboards are Clean and Simple. Understandable by all levels and easy on the eyes

Flexible and responsive

All our dashboards are Mobile Friendly. No more waiting to reach office to check details.


With smart user level access control, our dashboards are customized for all users from CXOs to Managers

Real-Time Customizable Dashboards

Predictive People Analytics with Personalized Recommendations to Drive Strategic Goals

Stay on top

Track Key People Metrics

Track all that matters on a single window. Start with our 4 inbuilt indexes to drive continuous improvement

Intelligent comparisons

Get Comparative Benchmarks

Identify whats been a strength and what needs work. Get benchmark reports to learn how you are faring vs other teams and organizations

Enablers and Blockers

Understand What Drives your People

Get insights on what are the enablers and blockers in your team's performance. Identify easy wins and move from insight to action.

Personalized at scale

Act on Personalized Recommendations

Proactive, Personalized recommendations to empower leaders and managers to act on issues before they escalate.

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