Talent Management System

Have you ever wondered why employees are referred to as a company's backbone and vitality? Well, it’s for the plain reason being- they decide your ultimate success or failure.
Whether it's a startup or a large corporation, the most important thing an entrepreneur can do to assure long-term success and stability is to hire and manage personnel.However, keeping track of everything linked to human resources can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming.
But there’s good news. Since there are many talent management system options on the market today, organizations can now have what it takes to stay ahead in the line.

What is a talent management system?

What is a talent management system

Talent management system is a technology that human resource management professionals use to manage employees as a competitive advantage, measure performance, develop, reward and establish succession plans for their workforce. Talent management systems can include applications for recruiting and talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, learning management, compensation and succession management.

Simply put, talent management systems assist firms and HR departments achieve long-term goals by prioritising personnel – or talent, as the case may be. This means that, rather than concentrating on transaction processing and administration, as a standard HRMS could, a talent management system focuses on developing an employee-centric solution.This technology can also take the form of an integrated set of software tools that cover the complete employee lifecycle. It includes all of the steps required in attracting and retaining top talent, as well as staying one step ahead of the competition. It's made to track an employee's performance and involvement with your organisation from the moment they start until the moment they leave.

What are the pillars of a talent management system?

Talent management programmes consist of five main pillars of talent management. The names and numbers of pillars vary depending on the talent management software. However the ideas are pretty much the same:

Recruitment and Onboarding
Recruitmentand Onboarding

Recruitingand onboarding requires attracting and hiring the best people andintegrating them successfully into the firm. To successfully attractand onboard talent, you must create the best impressions of thecompany first for a possible candidate, and then for a new hire. Toeliminate associated risks, many firms rely on software to assist allstages of the process.

Recruitment and Onboarding
Planningfor the Future

The goalof succession planning is to find successors for key positions orroles. Succession planning software ensures that a pool of people isaccessible for varied roles in each department of the firm.

Recruitment and Onboarding

Thishelps with employees' monetary value in the form of salaries,bonuses, and benefit packages. By compensating employees fairly andcompetitively, compensation management software aids in acquisitionand retention of talent. The programme prevents employeedissatisfaction due to lack of recognition by rewardingaccomplishment with pay-for-performance compensation management.

Recruitment and Onboarding
Learningand development

Learningand development covers all aspects of employee growth and training,including compliance training, workforce and career development. Itallows organizations to boost employee happiness and retention whilebeing more efficient and productive with career progression andtraining plans.

Recruitment and Onboarding

Performancemanagement includes organizational, team, and individualgoal-setting. Performance management also covers assessment,evaluation, and control of employees’ performance. It helpsmanagers to discover and assess high performers over time. Continuousperformance management solutions are popular today due to theirability to deliver rapid feedback and a variety of other advantages.

Why should you use a talent management system?

Why should you use a talent management system

The most important and primary reason to adopt a talent management system is to automate and optimise your organization's whole talent management process suite.It quickly becomes impractical to keep track of each candidate and employee, as well as their particular status and situation, manually, especially in mid- and large-sized enterprises. HR can use a talent management system to track and manage employee and applicant recruitment, development, and performance.Throughout an employee's entire lifespan, talent management technology can record, store, and analyse crucial data that can be used to improve business processes as well as the work lives of a company's employees.This strategy results in more qualified candidates, a faster and more effective hiring process, and lower staff turnover.

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What does a talent management system do?

A Talent Management System is used to maintain track of employees in a company, manage employees as a competitive advantage, measure performance, develop, reward and establish succession plans for their workforce. Talent is defined as valuable members of staff as well as job applicants who have applied for open positions. If you want to work in the growing industry of talent management, you'll need to understand how to navigate a TMS system and how to use it to find, qualify, and employ personnel. The best TMS utilised by mid-sized and large businesses nowadays will maintain track of data at multiple times during the employee life cycle. The information gathered by the system can then be used by strategic specialists for a variety of purposes that benefit the organisation.Managing numerous HR processes can feel super stressful at times. This is because there is a lot to manage between finding the perfect applicant, onboarding them, and succession planning. But, guess what; all of your HR operations can be streamlined with the correct Talent Management System. Here are some ways in which a Talent Management Software can benefit you and your organization:

Better Recruitment

Better Recruitment
There is still fierce competition for qualified candidates in certain roles and businesses. Communication breakdowns with eligible prospects, as well as a lack of tools to move the best candidates through the process, might stymie your ability to hire the finest people. An agile recruiting process requires processes and technologies that aid in workforce planning, sourcing, applicant monitoring, and analytics. A talent management software allows businesses to keep track of and organise applicants, as well as understand where they are in the recruiting process.

Paves the way for sharing and connecting data
Core HR processes can be integrated and aligned with the correct TMS. While much of the data collected by an HRIS is housed in silos and can be difficult to access and analyse, an integrated TMS shares data across the entire system, making it easy to access and analyse. This allows you to have a better grasp of what the data means for your company and make more educated, strategic business decisions.

Paves the way for sharing and connecting data
Helps you retain top talent

Helps you retain top talent
You can manage performance reviews, objectives, talents, and career aspirations to ensure your staff are satisfied and on the correct track with all of their information kept on one platform and neatly organised into an online profile. With a TMS in place to collect all of that data, it's simple to analyse and report on which staff need to be developed, monitored, or even promoted.

Higher rates of employee engagement
Employee engagement is boosted by good onboarding, learning, and development processes. To engage employees more deeply, talent management functionality such as innovative performance management is critical. Delivering fast pulse and annual employee engagement surveys and collecting that data to readily integrate it with other data to link employee engagement KPIs to financial measures are examples of related technology that can assist guarantee that employee engagement activities are successful.

Higher rates of employee engagement
Improves Employee satisfaction

Improves Employee satisfaction
Employee turnover is something that must be avoided at all costs. By giving access to payslips, holiday requests, and sick leave management, a TMS that interfaces with payroll improves the employee experience. Organizational charts can also be added to inform employees about the company's reporting and management structure.

Better performance management
Only around a quarter of workers believe that receiving feedback enhances their performance. Talent management software can assist firms in transitioning to dynamic performance management, in which managers and employees receive more open and ongoing feedback. It acknowledges that employees want feedback but that much of what they get isn't really useful, so it strives to provide them with information that will help them improve their deficiencies while also allowing them to enhance their strengths.

Better performance management
Helps with Employee training and development

Helps with Employee training and development
Employee learning and development should be a part of any excellent integrated TMS. It allows employees to enrol in classes, improve their abilities, and, in some situations, pursue certifications that are important to their career development. TMS solutions also collect information about an employee's competencies, allowing the HR team to assign training that the employee may access through their own profile.

How to choose the right talent management software for your organization in 2021?

How to choose the right talent management software for your organization in 2021

Finding the right talent management system can be quite challenging. But this does not mean you give up, because when it comes to integrating new technology across your firm, there are a lot of options and things to consider. Always remember that people are wary of change, and forcing your employees to learn a new system may not go as you planned.
But to make things easier, we have all what you’d need to consider while selecting a Talent Management Software that’s right for your organization and employees as well. 

  • Collect feedback from your staff and include them in the decision-making process.
    Begin by obtaining feedback from your whole staff to ensure that a solution has the proper fit and feel for your company. Because they will be the ones who will use it the most, your HR team should have a lot of input. However, you should consult with your entire management team about the decision, as everyone will be using the system for performance reviews, feedback, mentorship, and other purposes.
  • What kind of solution are you looking for?
    Determine whether an on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid solution is required.You'll probably want to go with a cloud-based TMS if you have multiple sites. A more secure on-premise application would be the ideal choice if you operate with highly classified or privileged material. Perhaps a blend of the two is required. Knowing what type of solution will work best for your company before you start looking for one will save you a lot of time.
  • Consider the degree of integration and specialisation you'll require.
    Do you have any bespoke or legacy applications that would need to be customised and integrated with a new system, or could you merely move to a ready-to-use solution? Are you in a business that must adhere to strict standards that necessitate special programming or software? Remember that you may not be able to locate everything you need in a single solution. It's possible that you'll need to explore a custom software package designed just for your company and its needs.
  • Look for a solution that includes a comprehensive analytics module.
    You want your TMS software to be able to collect useful data, analyse it, and give you actionable insights that will help you improve every element of your company. Many solutions include basic analytics as part of the bundle, and others offer an upgrade. Spending a little more money on software with a built-in big data solution will be well worth it.

What makes SuperBeings the best talent management platform?

A strong talent management system would ensure that all objectives are aligned with the organization's ultimate goal. It's critical that you and the rest of your organization's leaders understand the significance of having a talent management software. Though it will take some time to put together, putting your time and resources into building an effective talent management approach will be well worth it.
SuperBeings is one amongst the best talent management platforms with manager development built-in to streamline day to day activities. The platform allows you to set and track goals / KPIs / OKRs continuously which help you align the organization to a common cause, additionally with its engagement and manager development modules it gives you a clear picture of why performance improves or dips over a period of time, and how you could take corrective action.
Here’s why you might want to consider SuperBeings before any other talent management system out there:

What makes SuperBeings the best talent management platform
  • You can learn more by acting on the feedback using the curated suggestions and best practices, simultaneously as you work
  • An all-in-one platform with a super simple interface
  • Provides leaders with all the right tools, insights and recommendations along with employee satisfaction survey templates to up their people management game
  • A brilliant talent management software to gain real-time insights to build your team
  • Allows users to measure the key drivers of your engagement with 40 + parameters, along with managerial competencies and much more,with a proprietary framework, backed by science
  • A highly affordable employee performance management tool
  • With a chat first interface directly integrated into Slack / Ms Teams / Gchat it makes it super simple to stay on top of things

How are we different from our competition

Apart from innumerous features including an extremely easy user interface, real-time insights and much more, we provide managers with carefully-curated personalized tools to help them create the best possible environment for their people, to achieve various organizational goals.

Get answers and solutions for all your organizational problems that hinder your organization’s growth, with SuperBeings. Ask the right questions and fix common issues at work using our recommended actions. With SuperBeings you can now continuously measure the outcome of your actions and initiatives.

How are we different from our competition

Customer feedback

Here’s what our happy customers have to say when it comes to sharing their employee engagement experience at their organization with us:

"I have always hated the end of year/mid-year employee reviews as they take up a lot of time, and most of the time I would just click through them rather than being diligent. Superbeings has brought that process to 30 seconds a day; and I feel more engaged in improving the culture of the company."
Software Engineering Manager
"Superbeings is an efficient tool that helps understand the employee mindset. The questions asked are so well thought of and psychologically backed. The tool can be customized according to my organizational needs. Customer support is super prompt and ever ready to resolve queries."
Senior Manager, People Operations
"As a founder, you might have created a top rung with the key cultural characteristics and how it would translate into the next rung of leadership. SuperBeings shows you the cultural changes, and you can decide whether you need any interventions or not. Super helpful, responsive product team that listens to your feedback!"
Senior Manager, People Operations
"It's been exactly what I was looking for. Provides interesting and actionable information in a real-time way with a very unobtrusive UI built into the chat system"
Ben Fahlgren
Senior Manager, People Operations
"It's an awesome tool. If you know how to react to the metrics, the data generated is gold level insights for us"
Mitesh K
Lead HRBP, Wellthy Therapeutics
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