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Launch An EX Platform With Continuous Manager Development

Our platform is built to provide insights, learning and best practices directly to the line managers in their day to day. It's the only platform which combines engagement data with managerial competencies and individual personalities. Our motto - solve, not just measure, for employee experience.

Integrated in the flow of work

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Under the hood

How it works


Make Measurement Simple

Get continuous employee feedback using our industry first 1 Question a day framework that covers the four pillars of workplace motivation - culture, manager, role, and individual personality


Understand how to improve

Use the feedback to identify gaps and make personalized weekly suggestions to every manager on what is blocking the team from being their best possible selves


Drive behavior change at scale

With our personalized action recommendations for every manager, SuperBeings closes the loop from feedback to action and helps organizations build a great work culture at scale


Develop Continuously

Coach Managers on 20 key leadership skills and team management using behavioral nudges and learning content. Handhold them as they transform into leaders.

Continuous upward feedback
Continuous Daily Feedback

Understand the strengths and blockers of teams and leaders using our proprietary one question a day framework

Intelligent Action Plans

Drive on ground action with customized intelligent action plans suggested by SuperBeings to deliver maximum impact

Personalized Learning

Develop Leaders at scale using personalized learning and behavioral coaching all integrated in the flow of work

Daily Employee Feedback

Capture high quality employee feedback right in the flow of work

Personalized Learning and Nudges

Curated courses, videos, articles and nudges for every leader

Real-time Insights

Real-time insights for every stakeholder - the line manager, business and HR leaders

Action Planning and tracking

Suggested best practices for every manager to close the loop from feedback to ground behaviors

The only Platform you need to Improve EX and Develop Leaders at scale

Book a demo and learn how SuperBeings can help you improve employee experience and continuously develop your leaders today


SuperBeings has helped us greatly in understanding our people better and in enabling all team managers grow as leaders.

CEO - Niswey

SuperBeings has a lot of fans at careerlabs. It came in handy for our first time managers.

Prasanna algasen
career labs

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