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Empower your leaders with just the right mix of tools, insights and learning needed to continuously supercharge their teams

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How it works

Daily Employee Pulse Feedback

Daily Feedback

Measure and Benchmark your teams across 48 organizational parameters measuring Organisational Climate, Managerial Skills and Job Design.

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Insights and Recommendations

Empower your managers with real time insights, benchmarks and personalized recommendations on what is blocking their team from being the best version of themselves.

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Realtime insights delivered in the flow of work
Personalized recommended actions to drive maximum impact

Intelligent Actions

Act on the insights and recommendations in the flow of work. Generate Ideas, Conduct 1:1s, Dive Deep and do much more.

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Coach Leaders

Coach your Managers on leadership and team management skills, using behavioral nudges. Handhold them as they transform into leaders.

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Coach leaders on required behavioral skills that make them a Super Leader