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An all in one employee engagement software that uses employee feedback to identify gaps and accordingly recommends personalized learning content and best practices.

It allows managers to set and track priorities to get additional feedback, helping managers understand their team better to create just the right environment for everyone in the organization.The user gets a holistic view of not just their organization’s engagement levels but also the key drivers to analyze and compare with benchmarks using special tools and analytics.


Culture Amp

A people culture software that provides not only a tool, but also the education, network, and other resources an organization needs to carry out their business efficiently on their own.

The software is extremely useful for creating a forum that enables companies to prioritize culture.  It even provides  comparable company metrics to show user performance, simultaneously enabling tracking of your progress towards developing the best company culture. 

What features do Culture Amp and SuperBeings share?


Advanced Analytics

These platforms are just what you would need to turn your organization's insights into unique and impactful actions that provide the best results by improving the way your organization works. You will even be able to identify areas of improvement, pushing your employees to give nothing less than their best.

Turnover prediction

With SuperBeings and Culture Amp, retaining and engaging the best of your team- is no longer impossible. Both these platforms provide you with powerful insights that will enable you to take not just quick, but even the right action when it comes to retaining the best people in your organization.


1 on 1’s

Why miss out on what’s meaningful, when you can build connections, and make sure your team is aligned to your organizational goals at all times? SuperBeings and Culture Amp allows you to do even more than just that by making way for meaningful conversations between employees and their managers with the help of the super easy templated 1 on 1’s, making things easy and convenient for you.

Library of tried and tested questions

Figuring out what works best for your organizational culture can be a pretty tedious and time consuming task. Which is why platforms like Culture Amp and SuperBeings have carefully curated, tried and tested questions prepared just to make things easier for you. Pick what’s right for your organization from the library of these survey questions on both the platforms that are proven to bring you results.


Science‑backed, customizable survey templates

You can now create a personalized survey experience for your team with the help of a variety of easy-to-use templates that reflect your organization and its goals.There are a whole lot of things these platforms enable you to do to ensure that your employee engagement stays up to the mark at all times.

Engagement and Well Being Surveys

With the engagement and well-being surveys on these two platforms, you can now establish a direct correlation to your employees’ happiness, productivity, and rate of retention. These surveys are a great tool that will help you understand how your employees feel in general as well as how they feel about their role, their work, and value within their company.


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So why consider an alternative to Culture Amp?

Company culture and values can be a tough nut to crack when it comes to getting people involved and interested, but SuperBeings manages to do just that, in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible, by providing the right employee engagement solutions to elevate your organization’s employee engagement.

With a much affordable pricing starting from just $5/employee/month, unlike Culture Amp which starts from $3300/year, SuperBeings provides you with the best tools to measure manager effectiveness, by simultaneously keeping track of your organization’s leadership development and employee engagement.

How do the platforms compare?

Culture Amp
Culture Amp
Culture Amp
From 26$
For business
Chat First (Slack, microsoft Teams, Gchat) - One click Feedback
Continuous and Realtime Feedback (Daily one question only)
Comprehensive Framework (Covers Individual personality and needs, Leaderhip Competencies, work environment and Culture)
Custom Templates (Tried and tested to dive deeper and automate workflows)
DIY Surveys (100% Build your own survey)

Only in limited plans

Automated Reminders
Reatime, Pulse, Lifecycle Surveys, Onboarding, Offboarding etc
Custom Audiences (Whole org, particular teams, particular individuals etc)
HR Dashoards
Manager Dashboards
Predictive Analytics
Organization Culture Report
Personality Insights Report
Custom Reports and Indexes
Contextual and Personalized Suggested Actions
Recommended Learning content
Targetted Alerts
Progress Tracking
Behavioral Nudges
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