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What Needs to Change

Current talent management practices are not efficient enough to effectively engage employees and reduce attrition rates

There is no integrated, one-stop, automated solution to solve real strategic problems people managers have

Absence of aligned goals and continuous feedback hinders bottomline business performance and employee development


Translate strategy to results with SuperBeings

SuperBeings helps you transform your people management practices in all kinds of work settings - remote, hybrid or in-office

Use culture to drive high-performance

Leverage employee voice to eliminate roadblocks, boost engagement, and build a workplace everyone loves

Unleash the 'Super-Beings' in your org

Help everyone reach their fullest potential with developmental feedback, clear goals and capable leadership

Spend time on people, not admin

Say no to tedious, boring admin tasks. Instead invest all your time and resources on developing your talent stack

The Superbeings Difference

The integrated
people management platform

Simple, Yet Intelligent

Easy to use design loved by employees, managers & leaders

Easy Integrations

Seamless integrations with your existing HR, data, & chat tools

Powerful Analytics

Real-time insights driven by high quality people analytics

Scale as You Need

A flexible solution that supports your rapidly scaling needs

Backed by Science

Rooted in best practices and centuries of motivation science

Fully Secure

GDPR ready system with enterprise-level data security
The New-Age Approach

How to Enable Your Teams With SuperBeings

True engagement starts with individual strengths

Understand each team member like never before with our free personality assessment for each employee. Help managers create a team where every member can shine

Continuously listen to the employee voice

Run an employee engagement pulse on chat tools you already use, at a frequency of your choice. Proactively act on attrition risks with both quantitative and text based feedback

Develop each manager into an engaging leader

Enable managers to act on the employee feedback using system generated 1:1 recommendations along with associated talking points

Get strategic feedback with custom pulses

Collect employee feedback across the employee lifecycle with fully customizable pulse surveys on topics of your choice

Drive impact through meaningful conversations

Weekly goal check-ins, monthly developmental check-ins or any other combination you like - SuperBeings helps you build a culture of continuous conversations

Reduce bias with frequent performance snapshots

Get automated 9 Boxes with a history of performance and potential snapshots captured monthly by managers

Align every one to your true north

Easy to use OKR tool integrated with your existing stack - whether it is Slack, Teams, Jira, or Sheets - coupled with OKR guides, courses and expert led onboarding consulting

Run low effort, low bias review cycles

Automate your performance and 360 reviews with a highly flexible system built for reducing admin work and rater bias


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

“It's been exactly what I was looking for. Provides interesting and actionable information in a real-time way with a very unobtrusive UI built into the chat system”

The SuperBeings Way

We will guide you all the way to success

With us you get support throughout your journey 24X7. Our expert team provides coaching to ensure seamless onboarding as well as ongoing support as your business performance skyrockets and your employees turn into Super Beings at work

Dedicated Success Manager

Our Customer Success Team makes sure you are never alone in your journey. From onboarding to performance reviews — we have got your back.

Personalized Onboarding

Be it cultural interviews for engage or process customizations for perform, we deliver a smooth onboarding experience. Every time.

Learning Guides & Resources

Always feel in control with our best in class guides, courses and resources built for helping you make the most of SuperBeings

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