Engage your teams wherever they work

Know your team strengths, gain actionable insights on employee engagement drivers, and guide managers through meaningful 1:1s with the most holistic employee engagement software

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Employee engagement software based on centuries of motivation science

SuperBeings brings together personality, culture assessments, and a continuous employee pulse in the most holistic employee engagement software

True engagement starts with individual strengths

Understand each team member like never before with our free personality assessment for each employee. Help managers create a team where every member can shine

Continuously listen to the employee voice

Employee engagement pulse software that works on chat tools you already use. Proactively act on attrition risks with both quantitative and text based feedback collected at a frequency of your choice

Develop each manager into an engaging leader

Enable managers to act on the employee feedback using system generated 1:1 recommendations along with associated talking points

Get strategic feedback with custom pulses

Collect employee feedback across the employee lifecycle with fully customizable pulse surveys on topics of your choice

Our Value

Why SuperBeings' employee engagement software?

Get Expert Support

SuperBeings offers you an expert led onboarding which starts with culture interviews, and then follows it up with ongoing customer success check-ins

Measure Holistically

Only the SuperBeings employee engagement software brings together dimensions like personality & culture to give you holistic data for all your people processes

Improve Participation

SuperBeings deeply integrates with chat tools like slack & then applies AI to learn when each employee answers to personalize survey timing with zero context switching

Enable Managers

SuperBeings drives manager effectiveness by using employee feedback to recommend high impact 1:1s along with talking points for meaningful conversations


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

“The report is fab! Our board loved the findings and am thrilled because this is validation that we made a good decision rolling out SB. PS: Today's question was epic :)”


Measure Everything That Matters

With SuperBeings' employee engagement software, get objective data on every people aspect - employee engagement, manager effectiveness, employee wellbeing, diversity & inclusion, 30-60-90, exit surveys, or anything in between. You can get started immediately using our pre-built templates or start from scratch with a custom pulse.

Chat Integrations

Collect employee feedback with a single click experience using our deep integrations with Slack/ Teams/ GChat

Pre-built Templates

Use our out of the box pulse survey templates to track engagement, job satisfaction, manager effectiveness and emotional wellbeing

Custom Pulses

Set up custom pulses to measure any org initiative, from onboarding to business processes like L&D effectiveness for sales teams


Get real-time insights for each stakeholder

Deliver the right insights to each stakeholder with a combination of our HR, manager, and leader dashboards, email updates as well as chat based nudges with our all in one employee engagement software . Each fine-tuned to deliver only the insights relevant for the specific stakeholder.

Live Heatmaps

The easiest way for HR leadership to identify key focus areas across cuts like department, gender and the HRBP team to have data backed conversations with managers

Summary Emails

Help busy managers focus on engagement with a weekly summary delivered via email. Quickly identify focus areas, have conversations, and be on top of team engagement

Advanced Analytics

Personalized survey times based on
answering history to sentiment analysis to peer benchmarking with deep analytics, you get the best of AI on the SuperBeings platform


Act on the feedback with confidence

Translate feedback into action using a mix of suggested actions based on best practices, curated learning content, and 1:1 recommendations which tell managers whom to meet along with suggested talking points. This is frontline manager development with an intelligent employee engagement software , and without the expensive coaching!

1:1 Recommendations

Help managers take charge of engagement with recommended 1:1s and their talking points

Suggested Actions

Help managers act on feedback with suggested actions for each parameter of the SuperBeings pulse

Learning Content

Help managers up their leadership skills with curated Youtube videos, articles, and online courses


The Ultimate Guide To Building Culture

Whether you are a startup founder looking to understand how to go about building culture at your fledgling company or an industry veteran looking for a holistic perspective on culture building - this ultimate guide by SuperBeings is your go to resource. We talk about founder led, top down, and bottoms up approaches with relevant DIY templates. Check it out!

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