The Ultimate Guide to OKRs


The Ultimate Guide to OKRs

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Introduction To The Ultimate OKR Guide

As the leader of your organization, one can be courageous or foolish to make big bets for their businesses irrespective of their size. As the financial year ends, CEOs and departmental leadership often reach a new level of optimism and chart out ambitious goals for upgrading organizational performance that can either inspire their employees or lose interest.

While employees within an organization are busy getting through the day with the daily nitty gritties of their workload, such ambitious goals often get brushed aside or discussed in their lunch/tea breaks. While this lasts for a few days, everyone eventually gets back to their old ways, a very similar behaviour one shows with their yearly gym memberships every new year.

As a leader, you would want to imbibe your ambitious energy into your employee’s performance. But mere words never make any impact, it is the actionable speeches that create the magic you want to see.

“Nothing moves us forward like a deadline.”

John Doerr, author of Measure What Matters

While leaders are done with their storytelling for inspiring their people, it is defining the actual goals and objectives that transpires into actionable leadership.

This is where understanding what is OKR - Objectives and Key Results, a framework popularised by Google, can help you bridge the gap between your ambitious vision for your organization and collaborative behaviour within your employees to achieve the same. To this date, Google is known to set and grade quarterly and annual OKRs while organizing company-wide quarterly OKR meetings to ensure alignment.

But OKRs are not just for leaders to embrace. It’s a mindset that needs to be inculcated in every aspect and human involved in your company.

This OKR guide is focused on creating and sustaining a holistic OKR culture within your organization, irrespective of the industry type, business size, or organizational cultural values you follow. Make sure this guide is read and followed by the below personas in your organization:

  • Leaders who are responsible for forming culture and optimizing productivity
  • HR talent who are responsible for the execution
  • Managers and Team Leads of every department 
  • Any individual who is responsible for turning around even a single metric of your organizational processes

Learning how to set ambitious goals and plan their execution is something that every individual should know. By the end of this OKR guide, you can be assured that you will understand the essence of OKR, design OKRs and chart out a clear pathway to implement the same for your organization.

How this OKR guide is organized:

The guide covers 3 aspects of understanding OKR :

  • Concept
  • Design and Steer
  • Measure

We start with ‘Concept’ that gives you a high-level understanding of why use OKR for an organization and how it shapes your company when implemented. For this, one needs to study the main concepts of OKR and how the framework works.

In the second part, ‘Design and Steer’ we cover how you can incorporate OKR into your existing organizational structure with examples. This also involves bringing your people together to adopt the OKR mindset and weave it into their daily workplace styles across departments.

To ensure OKR alignment for your organization, it’s important to ‘Measure’ its impact to see if this methodology can blend well with your organizational culture. We also provide you with templates that will help you optimize for maximum impact across your organizational goals.

We, at Superbeings, drive performance and support fast-growing startups by offering tailor-made sessions on setting and rolling out OKRs, access to the SuperBeings Platform to implement OKRs, conduct intelligent 1:1s, and get employee feedback.

Write to us on with "Scale with SuperBeings" as the subject and mark in cc to get started on your OKRs journey.

Throughout the OKR guide, we have provided you with OKR planning templates and OKR checklists designed by us that will help you take actions post understanding the theory across each section.

What is OKR?

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