Flexible, Integrated and Simple OKR Tool

Drive clarity, accountability, and transparency throughout the org with an easy to use okr tool and goals management system

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An OKR tool which drives business performance

SuperBeings offers more than just an OKR tool by bringing together objective and key results, goals, projects, and performance management on one platform

Align every one to your true north

Easy to use OKR tool integrated with your existing stack - whether it is Slack, Teams, Jira, or Sheets - coupled with OKR guides, courses and expert led onboarding consulting.

Drive impact through meaningful conversations

Weekly goal check-ins, monthly developmental check-ins or any other combination you like - SuperBeings helps you build a culture of continuous conversations

Set goals to individual strengths

Know interests, enablers and communication styles to assign meaningful goals, and drive personalized conversations for everyone

Our Value

Why use the OKR tool from SuperBeings?

Manage Performance

SuperBeings helps you transform both your goals and performance management system by combining OKRs, goals, and initiatives on one platform

Easy Check-ins

SuperBeings OKR tool makes goal check-ins simpler by integrating with chat tools like Slack and a host of data platforms like CRM and project management tools

Improve Belonging

By driving clarity on goals and how goals tie in to the overall org strategy, SuperBeings OKR tool helps leaders drive a sense of belonging in today's hybrid workforce

Smooth Rollout

SuperBeings helps you drive OKR adoption beyond the top layer, by working with you to write the correct OKRs and then planning for rollout down the org


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

“It's an awesome tool. If you know how to react to the metrics, the data generated is gold level insights for us as a growing org serious about maintaining our culture”

Smart Goals & OKRs

Drive collaboration & business performance

Communicate your strategic objectives across the org to make sure everyone is focused on what matters most. Work with the goal framework of your choice, configure goals visibility to drive collaboration and align all goals to org priorities with an easy to use OKR tool

Flexible Frameworks

Whether it is OKRs or SMART goals, SuperBeings OKR tool helps you work with the goal framework of your choice to ensure a smooth transition.

Configurable Visibility

Control the visibility of OKRs across your organization. Share it with everyone to drive max collaboration, or limit it to teams for sensitive goals

Goal Alignment

Align individual and team goals with org goals along with aligning monthly and quarterly goals with annual goals

Smart Tracking

Track progress and act in real time

Never loose sight of your most important objectives with real time progress updates, aggregated and rolled up dashboards and analytics, along with OKR integration with our 1:1 tool. SuperBeings OKR tool helps you bring your most important goals at the center of all your business processes.

Progress Updates

Get real time progress updates via chat tools or our integrations with tools like GSheet, Jira, Hubspot

Goal Analytics

Get a real time view of green, amber, and red OKRs on live dashboards to quickly understand focus areas

Sync 1:1 & OKRs

Integrate goal progress into 1:1 conversations with OKR insights right inside the 1:1 meetings tool


Save time with native integrations

SuperBeings OKR tool integrates directly with Slack, Teams, GChat, and a host of other data tools like Jira, Asana, Hubspot, GSheets, and SQL to make sure that your goals always stay top of mind, relevant, and always up to date - without the constant follow-ups needed for manual entries

Chat Tools

SuperBeings integrates with Slack, Teams, and Gchat to give you a frictionless check-in experience

Data Sources

From Gsheet to Jira to Hubspot, we are rapidly expanding our portfolio of integrations for seamless updates


Never worry about team set up and updates with our integrations with the most popular HRIS systems


The Ultimate Guide to OKRs

Get this ultimate guide to get started on the OKR journey for your organization. Whether you are looking for examples of OKRs for various functions like product or trying to understand how to make performance management work with OKRs, this comprehensive guide covers it all. Get your copy today!

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