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Gathering employee feedback is an ongoing strategy, requiring commitments and actions throughout the year. There are numerous advantages to implementing efficient employee feedback methods,which even has an impact on corporate success. Your company would definitely require powerful and integrated feedback solutions if your goal is to boost employee engagement.

There is no shortcut or a quickfix when it comes to engaging your employees, though that would make things a whole lot easier!Engagement requires a multi-pronged approach that strategically and consistently moves the needle over time. That’s why you need to think of innovative ways to gather employee feedback, in order to get  the job done right.

What is an Employee Feedback tool?

Human resources initiatives developed to assess employee happiness and engagement are known as employee feedback tools. These solutions are designed with special functionality to collect and analyse employee input in a smooth manner. This helps a typical modern employee engagement system generate informative feedback reports on its own.

Employee feedback can be any information exchanged by employees  both formally and informally regarding their performance, skills, or ability to work within a team. Both supervisors and peers may deliver feedback, and when done tactfully, the process can create a stronger, more harmonious workplace.

Positive and negative feedback is important because it helps break bad habits, reinforces positive behavior, and enables teams to work more effectively toward their goals.

Importance of employee feedback tools

An employee feedback software is an invaluable business asset designed with sophisticated analyzing capabilities that help you draw insightful information from mere opinions. These sophisticated technologies provide your employees an exclusive outlet for them to share their opinions, in addition to allowing you to fully comprehend their experiences.

They help in fostering collaboration and cooperation while also assisting in the development of open connections between managers and staff, all of which are critical for the smooth operation of your business.Therefore, employee feedback tools areis a must-have business solution.

Even when it comes to employee performance evaluations, employee feedback tools play a crucial role in ensuring effectiveness and productivity within the workplace. This assists in identifying areas of improvement to help streamline and target organizational goals.
Employee feedback tools collect feedback from employees using different types of surveys including annual and pulse surveys, which are brief questionnaires given to employees at regular intervals with a curated collection of questions designed to correctly assess employee engagement.

The aim here is to increase engagement and performance through elements such as recommendations, mindfulness, and connecting workers to others and to common purposes. These include regular feedback, coaching, encouragement, learning, competition, participation in a team, and much more.

Benefits of using employee feedback tools

A modern employee feedback tool can provide your company with a plethora of advantages. The following are some of the most typical advantages of using employee feedback tools:

Establishes Relevance
Contented employees are more motivated and more likely to provide quality work. Designed with multiple impeccable channels to send comments, like email integration and desktop notification features, employee feedback tools enable the managerial body to precisely realize and quickly act upon employee wishes.

This ensures that your employees feel they are recognized as members of your organization, thus creating unprecedented contentment and increasing motivation, also giving them a sense of belonging, which leads to increased feedback.
Boosts Employee Engagement
A proper employee feedback tool consists of incredible built-in feedback channels, employees can seamlessly collaborate with peers/supervisors, discuss projects, highlight emerging bottlenecks, and send suggestions regarding a particular project. This ensures that employees are affirmed of their workflows, thus greatly boosting their engagement.
Better Employee Retention Rates
Skilled employees are a premium asset to any organization. However, with the knowledge that they can be snatched by competitors, it is essential to ensure that they are satisfied. With a robust employee feedback tool in place, you can individually monitor the satisfaction levels of each of the employees.
Conflict resolution at its best
One of the benefits of having an open feedback culture is it facilitates conflict resolution even before a conflict escalates. Employees in an organization should feel they can openly discuss with their managers or peers and vice versa. Feedback here will be a dialogue and not a monologue.

When employees are used to giving or taking feedback regularly there won’t be any anxiety associated with the process. This means they will know how to handle a tense situation and take the feedback in the stride.
Scope for professional development
The more an employee becomes comfortable asking/giving feedback the more they will take this up as their own initiative. This will lead to a more organized professional development.  

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Where are employee feedback tools used and by whom?

Feedback platforms are used to access information from anywhere, at any time, on devices enabling learning, creating a path for successful outcomes.Employee feedback tools are pretty much a low-cost, low-time-commitment strategy that can help HR teams solve a variety of issues. For example, communicating your employer brand to attract talent in today’s market that is considered to be highly competitive. With employee feedback tools you can even ensure you achieve better productivity.

Employee feedback tools are great for businesses and HR departments of all sizes looking to implement, manage, or expand employee engagement initiatives and is most commonly implemented in HR departments as either a supplemental tool or direct replacement for the traditional performance review process.

A well-designed employee feedback tool provides an accurate picture of your company's overall spirit and morale. This helps you to identify any problems and make the required changes to keep your employees happy and satisfied.

Features of a good employee feedback tool

The primary goal is to help workers become absorbed in the mission and culture of their organization, which in turn will lead to more productivity and effective outcomes. This is where a good employee feedback tool comes into the picture when concern about disengaged workers pushes employers to look for an effective solution. 

The market offers a wide range of decent employee engagement software to help companies gauge and improve their employee engagement practices.But it is important to have an in-depth look at the best employee engagement software, as each solution is distinct in terms of how its interfaces are structured and the capabilities it provides to consumers.

Here are a few key features you might want to take into consideration before you decide to go for an employee engagement software.

  • Must provide actionable information
    Quality data is paramount to the success of your company. Employee feedback contributes a good percentage of an organization’s internal data. Therefore, you need to invest in a robust employee feedback software system that offers precise, actionable information. An excellent feedback solution should seamlessly prepare every conversation that transpires between you and your employees. This will greatly simplify the reviewing process, motivate your employees, and enable you to give them candid and constructive responses.
  • Provide Employee Performance Reviews
    Annual reviews are great avenues to gain deeper insights into the very fabric of your workforce. Autonomously functioning, good employee feedback software should be designed to offer annual performance reviews. This helps you predict the future of your venture. A solution that frequently provides performance reviews for more precise comprehension and predictions, always works best.
  • Setting practical milestones
    You need an impeccably designed tool with the capacity to set practical milestones and give instant feedback as soon as the task is finished. Consider a powerful tool engineered with internal reviewing capabilities and meticulously orchestrated schedules for collecting employee feedback.
  • System Integration/ collaboration
    An excellent employee feedback tool should have the capacity to accept and operate seamlessly alongside other collaboration channels within your organization. Besides fostering efficient communication across all departments, this functionality also creates a perfect avenue to manually harmonize and quickly respond to urgent feedback.

    The integration must include email, text messages, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Automated Systems
    This capability ensures error-free data, professionally organized information, and increased analyzing power, as well as improved creativity, thus enabling you to develop detailed employee profiles.Employee feedback solutions can streamline workflows by employing intricate, autonomously functioning algorithms. Greatly multiplying its data collection capacity and information analyzing power, system automation is a crucial aspect in an employee feedback system. 

    Here are a few advanced features  to consider in an employee feedback tool:
  • Real-time notification systems
  • Excellent reporting functionalities
  • Powerful data analyzing tools
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Built-in searching functionalities
  • Give and receive continuous feedback
  • Set and track important goals
  • Recognize employee achievements

What makes SuperBeings the best employee feedback tool

Employee feedback software is a fantastic business tool that allows you to automate the process of collecting, analysing, and managing employee input. As a business owner, finding the app that best suits your company's needs is your first priority. The majority of the features and capabilities listed above are included in an effective employee engagement solution.

SuperBeings gathers specific insights from your team to help you not just identify what employees are dissatisfied with, but where the opportunities are to increase your team's efficiency.

SuperBeings is one amongst the best employee feedback platforms with manager development built to streamline day to day activities. The platform takes daily employee feedback on the organization culture, manager's leadership skills and the nature of the employee's role over existing chat systems such as Slack, MS Teams.

Here’s why you might want to consider SuperBeings before any other employee feedback tool out there:

  • SuperBeings consists of a very simple user interface and built in feedback mechanism.
  • Amazing slack integration
  • Ease of data analysis
  • An all-in-one platform that captures data efficiently.
  • Provides leaders with all the right tools, insights and recommendations along with employee satisfaction survey templates to up their people management game
  • A brilliant employee survey software to gain real-time insights to build your team
  • Measure the key drivers of your engagement with 40 + parameters, along with managerial competencies and much more,with a proprietary framework, backed by science.
  • Global, organizational, and peer benchmarks to help you take pre-emptive action on key issues.
  • A highly affordable employee feedback tool with innumerable features.

How are we different from our competition

Giving and getting feedback is a vital component of any organization's or relationship's long-term success. Professional connections are the foundation of businesses, and the most effective partnerships are built on excellent communication. SuperBeings provides you with more than just this, including an exceptionally simple user interface, real-time analytics, and much more.

Get answers and solutions to all of your employees' difficulties that are in the way of your company's progress.

Use our advised measures to ask the right questions and resolve common workplace issues. With SuperBeings you can now continuously measure the outcome of your updated actions and objectives and build the perfect organization

Customer feedback

Here’s what our happy customers have to say when it comes to sharing their employee engagement experience at their organization with us:

Ben Purvis
Head of Operations at Zippin

It's been exactly what I was looking for. Provides interesting and actionable information in a real-time way with a very unobtrusive UI built into the chat system.

Mitesh K
HRBP at NameWellthy Therapeutics

My experience with Superbeings has been great it has provided me with meaningful insights which has helped me take decisions which helped in shaping the right culture for the organisation.

Avishi Gautam
Human Resources Business Partner at Pocket Aces

SuperBeings- The Human Bot. It really helps understand the employee mindset. The questions that the SuperBeings tool asks are so well thought of and psychologically backed. The tool can be customized according to my organizational need.

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