How to Create a New Meeting

Now schedule a new meeting and use our science-backed guided templates or create an instant meeting with ease.

To create a new 1:1 or team meeting, simply go to the meetings tab on the sidebar and click on Create New Meeting on the upper right side of the window. You can either Schedule a Meeting with one or more participants or Start an Instant Meeting

Schedule a Meeting + Add Talking Points

To schedule a meeting at a predetermined future time, you can click on Schedule a Meeting. This will open up a window for you to add participant(s). After selecting the participant(s) for the meeting, you will need to click on Next

Use Our Guided Meeting Templates

The next window will take you to the collection of guided meeting templates suggested by SuperBeings. Our collection includes research backed agendas and talking points for all crucial conversations — for driving performance and engagement. 

The guided meeting templates will provide you with context for the discussion, necessary talking points and possible next steps so you don’t miss out on important issues during the meeting.

use guided templates for better conversations
Create new meeting wiht SuperBeings guided templates

You can preview and choose a recommended meeting template from the list based on your need by clicking on Use This and then Next. Here, you can change, modify, or delete the suggested talking points, agendas and next steps or add your own. 

You can also add quick notes to your talking points to personalize the conversation further or to remind you of something important when the meeting starts.

Once you finish making changes to the template, you can add next. On the next screen you will be able to set the date, time, and cadence of the meeting.

Finally, when you click on Create, the meeting will be created and the participant(s) will have received the notification about the meeting on Slack as well as via their email along with the meeting details and agenda.

However, participants can only view the meeting agenda and talking points. They don’t have editing privileges like managers do.

Use a Custom Template

If you want to add extra structure to your meetings, you can create your own custom meeting template by selecting Scratch on the second step — Set Agenda. Here you can add titles, different sections and talking points to your meeting.

You can also save your custom template by clicking on Save Template for Future Use

Once you are done adding necessary talking points, click on Next to set the date, time and cadence. Finally click on Create and your meeting will be set.

Start an Instant Meeting

Not all meetings can be planned in advance and we understand that. That’s why, SuperBeings also lets you start an instant meeting any time you need it. Not only that, it guides you with instant tips to easily create the meeting.

start an instant meeting with SuperBeings
Create an instant meeting

Here, you can add titles, sections, talking points, notes, and participants as necessary. You can also set the privacy of the notes from public to private and vice-versa based on your need.

However, remember that instant meetings are for one-time use only. Once the meeting is over click on End Meeting to return to the Meetings Overview page.