Understanding the Culture Report 

See where you current cultural position and get actionable recommendations to build the culture you want

SuperBeings helps you bridge the cultural gap between what is and what you want it to be.

Based on your team member’s response on daily pulse surveys and the personality assessment, you are given an org culture report that can be accessed by going to your manager view and clicking on Team > Culture Report.

The Culture Report will tell you where you stand based on the Competing Values Framework (CVF) as well as your team’s personality and cultural fit. 

team culture report

You can select any of the 4 quadrants of the CVF and get specific action recommendations based on your and your team’s personality. Here, SuperBeing gives you free resources to deepen your understanding and expertise as a manager along with a list of specific managerial skills for you to improve upon based on employee feedback.

competing values framework

Culture Report for HRs and Leaders 

HR leaders can access the culture report by selecting the Culture Report menu on the left sidebar.

Similar to the managers, HR leaders also get a culture report based on CVF, specific action recommendations and list of managerial skills to improve upon.

The only difference here is that, while managers receive the team culture report, HRs get the company culture report.

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