Understanding the Custom Pulses Dashboard

Have all your pulse surveys in one place - Pulse Overview

To reach the Custom Pulse overview page, log in to your HR dashboard and select Custom Pulse from the left sidebar. The following window will open up — Pulse Overview. 

custom pulse survey

It shows 3 primary menus — 

  • Custom Pulses — Custom Pulses lists all the pulse surveys that are active at the moment. You can edit, delete, view schedule or pin/unpin any pulse survey to the primary SuperBeings dashboard.
  • Default Pulses — SuperBeings runs 4 pulse surveys by default when you onboard with the platform. These pulse surveys measure and analyze employee response on expert recommended primary and secondary drivers across 4 categories — engagement, manager satisfaction, job satisfaction and emotional wellbeing. By default these are pinned to the HR dashboard, but you can change their order and place in the way mentioned above.
  • Upcoming Pulses — Upcoming Pulses lists the surveys that are going to be rolled out over the next 30 days. and also shows what questions your respective audience is going to receive and when for each survey. Here you can also add a new question to your survey from the SuperBeings recommendations on the right side and see when that question will be asked to survey participants.
custom pulse overview