How to create a custom pulse survey?

Create your own custom indexes, add your own questions and measure what matters

SuperBeings lets you create your own custom pulse survey 5 easy steps. 

To get started, click on Create Custom Pulse on the upper right side of the Pulse Overview page. 

create custom pulse survey

Step I - Basic Details

In the first step, you need to name your pulse survey, add launch date and time and click on next. 

SUPER TIP — It is useful to give a name to the survey that’s easily recognizable and clearly indicates the purpose of the survey. Using a vague name would make it harder for you to identify it later.

Step II - Set Questions

Next, you will need to set questions for your survey. Here, you can either choose from the templates suggested by SuperBeings or create your own template from Scratch. You can save any template you use here under My Templates for future use.

After selecting your preferred template, you will be directed to the next window where you can mark questions as primary or sub drivers. 

You can also change the response type by clicking on the drop-down icon to a 1-5 or satisfaction or any custom scale from the default agree/disagree scale.

Based on your needs, you can also add extra questions to your survey template from SuperBeings library or write your custom question by clicking on Add Question.

Don’t forget to save the template if you intend to use it in the future and check the Save as a template box.

SUPER TIP — If you are wondering how to set your own questions, check our detailed article on Custom Pulses and check the reference questions

Step III - Set Participants

The next step allows you to add participants from a list of employees. You can add participants in 4 ways —

  • Add them manually
  • Select any dynamic list you have prepared earlier to be used in older surveys
  • Any previously saved list from My lists section 
  • Use Upload lists to upload a custom audience list by uploading the respective Excel sheet

Step IV -  Set Question Frequency

In this step, you can set the cadence for your survey questions i.e. how often your selected audience will receive the nudge to answer the questions. SuperBeings allows you to set different frequencies for the primary driver questions and sub driver questions based on your need so your employees are not overwhelmed by the survey. This ensures higher rates of participation. 

SuperBeings also recommends the best practices that help you set the most suitable frequency.

Step V - Review & Publish

The final step requires you to review the questions, audience, time and frequency and click publish once done. This will make your survey live.

The survey participants will receive the questions and nudges on Slack at your preset frequency.