Know Your Team - Feature Update

Use individual personality assessment report to understand, manage and engage your employees better

SuperBeings helps managers understand each team member uniquely by providing a detailed personality report. 

This report is generated by analyzing a 3-min personality assessment test that employees fill out when they are onboarded to SuperBeings. To analyze the responses, SuperBeings follows the Big 5 personality framework, the most acclaimed personality assessment model.

When employees complete the personality test, an auto-generated, sharable personality report is sent to the manager and the employees over email or chat.

To access the report for your team, login to your SuperBeings manager account and click on Team > Individual on the left sidebar. That will take you to the following page:

You can search your teammates by name, employee ID or email ID.

When you click on a specific name, that will take you to that employee’s individual report. 

The report includes the following information — 

  • A brief description of the employee, her preferences, and personality traits
  • Enablers
  • Work she loves 
Know your team feature
  • Communication tips for managers for dealing with that employee
  • Her work styles
  • A list of items that she needs coaching on

You can mark any employee as a top performer.

How does knowing your team members help you become a better manager?

1. Know each employees strengths 

Understand what enables your employees to perform better, what do they struggle with and how you can help them become better at their roles.

2. Manage each employee better

  • Integrate the personality insights into your manager workflow. 
  • Use the communication tips suggested for each employee to conduct effective 1:1 meetings.
  • Distribute work based on each team member’s strengths, interests and work styles.
  • Create a learning and development plan for each employee based on the suggested coaching requirement list.