How to Add, Manage, Delete Talking Points, Notes, and Action Items

Now add, manage, and delete talking points, notes and action items while the meeting is on

Talking Points

Talking points are usually added by managers while creating a 1:1 or team meeting. Other participants in the meeting can view the talking points and agendas after the meeting is created by managers. However, they cannot change/ modify/ add talking points.

Notes & Action Items

Notes can be added by managers against each talking point while creating the meeting or during it. Managers can set the visibility on these notes as per their requirement by making them public or private.

Private notes are shown only to the manager who created them. While public notes are accessible by other participants in the meeting along with talking points.

Managers can also take notes or add action items while the meeting is going on by clicking on the icon(s) circled in red in the image below.

To ease your task, SuperBeings lets you turn your Notes into Action Items and vice-versa as and when necessary. 

When the meeting is created, the participants get a notification on Slack and their email along with the meeting agendas, talking points and notes. 

The notes taken during the meeting can be accessed by managers at any time by accessing History. However, they cannot be updated once the scheduled meeting is over.