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A well-designed employee engagement platform that enables real-time employee feedback and engagement to take your organization’s growth to a whole new level . 

It helps companies assess core drivers of engagement and provides the right mix of tools, insights, and learning needed to build a highly engaged force that’s super efficient too.



Peakon is an intelligent employee engagement solution that automates numerous different aspects of the process like analysis and feedback collection.

The platform includes tools that assist businesses in determining which teams perform best, analysing the factors that influence their productivity, and applying what they've learned to other teams.

What features do Peakon and SuperBeings share?


Customizable Questions

Both platforms provide companies with questions from an extensive database created from years of organizational psychology research. Companies can use the questions as is or customize it to fit a situation. If nothing fits their need, users can also create their own questions and even add open-ended ones.

Actionable Information

After acquiring employee feedback, the software will turn the acquired information into data that managers can leverage in developing a stronger and better team. This platform helps managers learn which areas need improvement and discover the strengths as well as weaknesses of their teams and individual employees.


Push Notifications

Peakon features push notifications or email that keeps its users updated. The app sends alerts whenever an issue is encountered so the management or the users can take actions immediately.

Science-based templates

Provides content templates built by academics and/or practitioners and leverage science and research.



Compare survey results to industry benchmarks to locate key areas for improvement. Evaluate survey results at either a high-level or individual employee level.

Survey Customization

Customize various components of surveys, including individual questions, distribution frequency, audience size, and anonymity.


Efficient feedback collection

Peakon automates the most significant aspects of employee engagement such as feedback collection, lifting up these burdens off a team’s shoulder and giving them more time to concentrate on other tasks and do more.

What makes SuperBeings one of the top Peakon alternatives?

  • Unique collection of indicators that track the performance of your company or even a specific project.
  • Simple and easy to use interface for HR/ CXOs and Team leaders
  • Improves each process by accessing more data and insights by combining third party integrations.
  • An easy to use dashboard that keeps track of ongoing actions at all times.
  • Compare key metrics for your organization against industry benchmarks.
  • Continuous and real time collection and analysis of feedback from end-users.
  • Organize, track and manage the, development activities of employees
  • Organize, track and manage the, development activities of employees
  • Continuous tracking of employee's progress through training programs.

How do the platforms compare?

Culture Amp
Culture Amp
From 26$
For business
Chat First (Slack, microsoft Teams, Gchat) - One click Feedback
Continuous and Realtime Feedback (Daily one question only)
Science Backed Framework
Combines Work Environment, Org Culture an Individual Psychometric data
Custom Templates (Tried and tested to dive deeper and automate workflows)
DIY Surveys (100% Build your own survey)
Automated Reminders
Realtime, Pulse, Lifecycle Surveys, Onboarding, Offboarding etc
Custom Audiences (Whole org, particular teams, particular individuals etc)
HR Dashoards
Manager Dashboards
Predictive Analytics
Organization Culture Report
Personality Insights Report
Custom Reports and Indexes
Contextual and Personalized Suggested Actions
Recommended Learning content
Targetted Alerts
Progress Tracking
Behavioral Nudges
Meeting Suggestions
Data Management

So why consider it as the best alternative to Peakon?

SuperBeings is just what you would need to get people fully engaged and interested when it comes to achieving organizational goals. With just the right solutions to all of your engagement-related issues, SuperBeings functions as an all-in-one platform to improve your organization's overall levels of employee engagement. 

SuperBeings provides you with nothing less than the best, to measure manager effectiveness, by simultaneously keeping track of your organization's leadership development and employee engagement, that too, at an affordable pricing; starting at just $5/employee/month.

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