Run Successful Weekly OKR Check-ins

Use our Weekly OKR Check-in Playbook to stay ahead of any risk by setting and tracking progress on your weekly goals and priorities

Weekly OKR check-ins ensure alignment and transparency within the team while keeping everyone super focused on the high priority tasks for the week ahead. It allows the team to course correct ASAP and solve risks / challenges while they are still small.

What you will require

  • Set business goals 
  • Set Key Results
  • Running OKR system / tool (recommended)

Duration:15-30 minutes

Instructions for Weekly OKR Check-in

1. Prep (Before the check-in)

  • Set a regular cadence for weekly OKR check-ins and schedule beforehand so all team members can come prepared
  • Make sure you are clear on the specific targets set earlier and the progress made thereon
  • Answer questions around satisfaction with the progress, priorities for next week, key challenges, etc to ensure everyone is on the same page for the coming week.
  • Have a clear agenda and talking points for the weekly review meeting that needs to be discussed 

SUPER TIP — You can use SuperBeings guided meeting templates to decide talking points or create your own to make sure nothing is missed during the meeting

2. During the check-in

  • Limit your meeting to 15-30 minutes (based on your team size) to ensure focus on key agenda
  • Invite concise reflections on the previous week's performance and next week's priorities
  • Make sure you leave the meeting with a few important points and a solid plan for the following week
  • Take note of the participation and engagement levels during the meeting

3. After the check-in

  • Have a clear follow up plan that includes future steps, task priorities, each team member's roles and weekly deadlines 
  • Use an OKR tool like SuperBeings to note down key action points from the meeting and have all of them in one place

SUPER TIP — Download our free Excel / Google Sheet templates for setting, tracking and measuring weekly OKRs and get started today!

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