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Continuous upward feedback
Coach Frontline Managers

Improve performance and work relationships by helping frontline managers conduct impactful conversations with our 1:1 templates

  • Help managers give better feedback
  • Make the most of 1:1 meetings
Drive Continuous Conversations

Support your team by setting a recommended 1:1 cadence and drive a culture of continuous conversations across all teams

  • Develop a need-based meeting cadence
  • Make the most of 1:1 meetings
Keep Conversation History

Track progress and take effective manager & employee development decisions by maintaining a single source of all 1:1 conversations

  • Build a traceable history of 1:1 conversations
  • Track manager performance over time

An intelligent 1:1 tool that helps managers drive performance & retention


AI Driven Recommendations

Predict and solve performance and attrition risks with feedback-driven recommendations on the who and how of 1:1 conversations for all managers

  • Data-driven conversations with team managers
  • Talk about what matters

Guided 1:1 Templates

Upskill your front line managers without expensive coaching with our guided 1:1 templates for all crucial conversations

  • Save money on manager training
  • Have structured personalized meetings

Tracking & Analytics

Track performance over time by keeping a history of all 1:1 conversations and get manager level analytics to quickly identify your best managers

  • Track manager 1:1 skills over time
  • Identify performance gaps and take actions accordingly

Calendar Integrations

Let your managers spend less time scheduling and more time driving results by integrating 1:1 meetings with your favorite calendar apps

  • Set meetings as schedule permits
  • Save time with auto syncing
Daily Employee Feedback

Get high quality employee feedback right in the flow of work


Align your day-to-day business processes to your most important objectives

People Analytics

Make data driven decisions for all your talent management initiatives

"I have always hated the end of year/mid-year employee reviews as they take up a lot of time, and most of the time I would just click through them rather than being diligent. Superbeings has brought that process to 30 seconds a day; and I feel more engaged in improving the culture of the company."
Software Engineering Manager
"Superbeings is an efficient tool that helps understand the employee mindset. The questions asked are so well thought of and psychologically backed. The tool can be customized according to my organizational needs. Customer support is super prompt and ever ready to resolve queries."
Senior Manager, People Operations
"As a founder, you might have created a top rung with the key cultural characteristics and how it would translate into the next rung of leadership. SuperBeings shows you the cultural changes, and you can decide whether you need any interventions or not. Super helpful, responsive product team that listens to your feedback!"
Senior Manager, People Operations
"It's been exactly what I was looking for. Provides interesting and actionable information in a real-time way with a very unobtrusive UI built into the chat system"
Ben Fahlgren
Senior Manager, People Operations
"It's an awesome tool. If you know how to react to the metrics, the data generated is gold level insights for us"
Mitesh K
Lead HRBP, Wellthy Therapeutics