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Employee Experience in remote work

The sense of belonging in employees is important, more so when working remotely— employees with good ties and relationships with each other and the organization are more likely to be satisfied at work, to trust their organization, and to remain in it for a longer time. More importantly, they are also much more engaged with their work.

Employee Experience is the vision or the perception that an employee has about an organization. It is influenced by the company's physical workspace, the work-life balance the company provides, and technology that enables productivity. but ensuring this when everyone is working remotely is easier said than done. 

Working remotely has been a booming trend that has been gaining momentum over the last decade using the advancement in technology. Its popularity and efficiency are highlighted by facts like 68% of UK businesses offer a flexible workspace policy, whilst 99% of employees want the option to work remotely.

With such high demand for remote work in the current scenario, it becomes even more important for us to discuss ways to ensure that the employee experience stays intact even when employees are working remotely.

Here are some tips you can consider to improve Employee Experience for your organization that is working remotely:

  • Build Trust: Have constant communication with the employees and make the expectations from your side clear for them to comprehend and work accordingly. Give a personal touch in every interaction that you have with your employees to assess who requires more assistance than others. This personal touch can be ensured through having a two-way communication between the employee and employer or by facilitating the employees with relevant tools. 
  • Recognition and Reward: Recognition of work becomes even more important when the employees are not working in a physical setup. Do not forget to reward your employees from time to time when they achieve their daily targets or encourage them to work harder if they lag behind.
  • Promote Creativity: Give a scope of creative development by motivating your employees to take up additional projects while working remotely, and indulge in new hobbies that may enhance their existing skillset.
  • Embrace flexible schedules and operations: Be flexible with schedules and respect the personal commitments of the employees at home. Draft and tweak the schedule accordingly so that it is comfortable for you as well as for the employee to work in the said time frame.
  • Assist in Career Development from Home: Encourage upskilling for your employees by sharing resources and encouraging them to opt for online courses pertaining to their expertise to enhance their skills.
  • Build a remote-accessible workplace: Implement tools or applications that ensure communication without drops or lag and provide an optimized experience. 

To summarize,It is a challenge to maintain a cordial experience for the employees when they are working remotely but with the right strategy and tools you can enable this transition to be seamless. There are countless factors that influence how this experience is maintained. When we do this right, employees will have a better time at work and contribute more to the organization.

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