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Ideas for Employee Engagement: A Breath of Fresh Air with Technology

At least once in their professional journey, every HR executive does search, “Top ideas for employee engagement”. Ideas like Rangoli making, ethnic dressing, and cake cutting as a means to engage the workforce and boost employee experience are done to death. Invariably, organizations are looking for fresh ideas for employee engagement, different from the traditional practices. It goes without saying that technology has increasingly become one of the top enablers for the same. At the same time, the unforeseen transition to a remote work culture in the face of Covid-19 is further prompting a need for virtual tools and ideas. 

Adding Technology to Employee Engagement

As businesses focus on adapting technological innovations to make their operations and customer experiences more robust, a similar approach to employee engagement has been on the cards for long. Social distancing accompanied by work from home is an opportune time for organizations to  add technology to their ideas for employee engagement:

  • Tools for digital collaboration: Lack of collaboration stands as one of the biggest challenges for a remote workforce, which invariably translates to employee disengagement. Therefore, organizations need to leverage digital collaboration tools for different purposes to prompt seamless coordination. For instance, tools like Google drive can be used for file sharing, while platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams can boost employee interaction and communication.

  • Gamification: As humans, we have an inherent desire to compete and win. Gamification can help organizations engage employees more effectively and at the same time boost performance. Employees could play certain games and compete for rewards and points, which are slated to add value to and meet organizational goals and objectives. For instance, an online quiz with a leaderboard on organizational values is an effective way to get employees to engage with what the organization stands for. Here, tools like Kahoot, Mentimeter can come into play here. 


  • Personalized experiences: A cookie-cutter approach to employee engagement requires a complete reinvention. Since each person is unique, their needs and preferences from employee engagement is different. Therefore, organizations need to focus on the psychological mindmap of employees and how they perceive successful engagement. For instance, personalization could be in the form of method of delivery through digital means, while some employees might prefer videos, others might prefer podcasts or live sessions. At the same time, using technology can help customizing even the content of the engagement activities. 

  • Customize rewards and incentives: It is not only enough to customize the employee engagement activities, but the rewards need to be personalized too. Personalization of perks and incentives with the help of technology is the way to go. At the same time, technology can boost real-time appreciation in the form of peer-to-peer and spot recognition. 

  • Learning and development tools: To facilitate better ideas for employee engagement, organizations need to reinvent their approach to learning and development. The conventional group training sessions that require physical presence no longer make sense. Rather, employees seek a blended approach with offline and online sessions. At the same time, digital learning can enable employees to gauge their existing knowledge and train from there on. Those who already have some bit of knowledge, do not have to sit through the basics with everyone else. For instance, in a training session on emotional intelligence, technology platforms can help organizations customize the content based on the level of learning for different employees to ensure maximum effectiveness of the training. 

  • Digital social engagement: Social interaction within the workplace is a crucial element of employee engagement and technology can be instrumental in guiding this journey. Simply putting a post about an employee’s achievement can start engagement. Following this, you can keep tagging your employees, recognize and celebrate their milestones and then innovate further. Not only will this be a great push for employee morale, but re-sharing the post will help organizations build an employee friendly brand. 

  • Productivity tools: Productivity is generally seen as an outcome of employee engagement. However, if organizations play their technology card right, it can also drive ideas for employee engagement. There are several productivity tools and platforms available today that can help you map productivity in an interactive and engaging manner. For instance, tools like Trello, Monday, etc make it seamless for employees to assign tasks and map progress, facilitating better engagement. Invariably, when employees have greater clarity on what each other is doing and are in the loop seamlessly, their engagement is likely to boost up. 

Ideas for Employee Engagement: Create an Impact

Before we conclude the discussion, let’s quickly glance through the macro impact of incorporating ideas for employee engagement with a technology lens. Firstly, technology led employee engagement can help ensure complete transparency. Secondly, it fosters accountability as digital tools are excellent for record maintenance. This can help organizations record the participation of employees in different activities. On the one hand, this will augment responsiveness among employees to take the activities seriously. On the other hand, it will also help gauge the effectiveness of the activities. Finally, it will increase participation as more and more customization comes to the table and employees connect better to such initiatives. In a nutshell, leveraging technology is the best bet for organizations to reap maximum benefits out of their employee engagement initiatives. With the workforce going remote, organizations need to reinvent their traditional approaches and technology can serve as the tool to guide the same.

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