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Team Building Activities in a remote setting

Team building is a crucial part of managing and developing a team. This is true for both office teams and a remote setting. It’s an area that is neglected quite a lot though. This can be because of constraints of time, or even because people don’t realize how crucial it is to run these activities with their team. 

Team building can have a knock-on effect on some of the biggest issues that remote workers face. Loneliness and a bad work-life balance, two of the biggest issues that can affect someone’s work, are reported as the top issue for 38% by the remote workforce according to Buffer’s State of Remote Work 2020 report

So to rejuvenate your workspace even when you are distant from your team, we bring to you eight interesting team building activities that can be conducted in a remote setting:

  1. Post a Goal:

Ask the team to share a career-oriented goal with others, and chalk out a brief plan on how they plan on achieving it. This will inculcate a feeling of connection and instill ambitions in the team where they will be surprised to hear each other’s life goals.  

  1. Coffee and Learn:

Have an informal, 15-minute session for sharing something you do, something that you are, or something you’ve learned over a cup of coffee with the rest of the team can diagrammatically change the vibe of your virtual workspace. This informal environment will release stress and initiate conversations online.

  1. Two truths and a lie:

In this activity, a person shares two truths and one lie with the entire team where they’ve to guess the lie. This can be displayed in the form of a fun presentation or through google forms. It will bring the team closer and increase their mutual understanding.

  1. 10 common things:

The entire team is divided into two teams where they are asked to identify further 10 things common between them. This will force the teams to dig deeper into each other’s personalities and then draw parallels. It will also result in a bonding session once they identify the commonalities.

  1. Bucket List:

For this activity, ask the team to share their bucket list with each other. This can include what all activities they want to do, or places they want to visit. 

  1. Picture Problem:

Share an open-ended problem in a picture, and motivate the entire team to form small groups and identify the solutions. This will induce the skill of problem-solving paired with teamwork in the entire company.

  1. Build a storyline:

For this game, state one random line and ask them to build a story on it. This story can be as absurd and unique as the team wants it to be. Just make sure that the flow of the story is not disrupted and every member contributes something.

  1. Virtual Book Club:

Lastly, start a book club where everyone reads one book every week and share their recommendations with the entire team. Books are a good starting point for bonding in any group. Common interests give rise to long-lasting friendships.

The core purpose behind all these activities lies in two words, i.e. support and empathy. Whenever your workforce is working in a remote setting, they require constant validation and a feeling of being connected because of the virtual setting. As a manager/boss, it becomes even more important for them to act as a driving force for the entire team by pumping constant motivation through these team building activities.

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