The SuperBeings Approach

We're solving for a simple question - What gets people to work?

When we started,We started with a simple question - "What gets you to work". After months of solid, dedicated research on human behavior at the workplace, we found there is one simple answer - Human Well-being.

At times, you will see that the work pressure takes a toll on your personal life or the other way round, and you feel lost amidst the chaos. It is only when you are at peace mentally, emotionally and financially at your workplace would you be able to contribute to your full potential. Thus, the concept of well-being and productivity are closely interrelated for any human being.

Interestingly, the concept of well-being is also subjective. For example, some of us might appraise financial stability more, whereas for others the emotional satisfaction is valued higher. But, the real challenge arises in identifying these varied psychological needs of employees in any organization. The major reason why organizations are not able to achieve their peak performance is the inability to identify these diverse needs in their work environment. The current solutions are formulated keeping the organization in mind as a collective entity, neglecting a major factor- the employee.

We believe that every individual  has the potential to be a superhuman in a holistic and inclusive work environment.

This is where our role comes to play. We, at SuperBeings, believe that every individual (human) has the potential to be a superhuman in a holistic and inclusive work environment. We are the only ones in this field, who are building a solution to keep employees attached to the core of their organization. We work on aligning the personal goals and psychological needs of employees with the corporate purpose to maximize the productivity and value of the firm. 

We help you to understand if the employees are ready to invest discretionary effort into their work or are they motivated enough to do the work in the first place. If not, what are the suggestive steps you can take to increase the collective potential of your organisation?

We believe in creating an inclusive environment for the employees by driving self-awareness of values and motivators to make them understand themselves better and also help the organization understand its employees better. 

Thus, at SuperBeings, we make "Who you are" meet with "Your work environment" to make a real employee experience design possible. 

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