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Top 5 Development Goals for Managers for 2021

With the dawn of a new year, it is important to set new goals and aspirations to thrive professionally and personally. Those transitioning into managerial positions or who have been there for sometime generally have a set of goals. We have put together a list of top 5 development goals for managers to make 2021 their year. These goals are easy to achieve and simply require a little bit of commitment and patience. The cherry on the cake is that they will go a long way into building you managerial competencies and helping you come out as a strong leader. 

Uncovering the right development goals for managers

The first step towards managerial excellence is acknowledging that you need to focus on your development and accepting that you need to have goals. The next equally important step is to identify the right goals that actually spell out success. Simply replicating the goals that your peers have may be a big mistake. Here is a quick way to ensure you set the right development goals.

Firstly, pen down where you see yourself progressing, both professionally and personally. You may be eyeing the next promotion or planning to collaborate with others to create a greater impact. The idea is to have some milestones for the year to come. Secondly, identify your strengths and weaknesses. This requires self evaluation as well as feedback from others to define what you are good at and areas that need improvement. Finally, decipher all you need to reach your milestones, align them with your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you uncover the gaps and those exactly are areas to target your development goals towards. 

Top development goals for managers: 2021 edition

It is true that development goals for managers will be unique to each individual. It greatly depends on one’s professional aspirations, skills and capabilities. Nevertheless, here are top 5 development goals that managers can definitely put on their list for 2021 and excel in the new normal. 

Develop coaching and mentoring skills

A manager’s role is not only about delegating tasks and getting work done. It involves to a large extent helping those around them grow and mature in their professional journeys. Therefore, managers must have one eye on developing mentoring and coaching skills in 2021. These have gained great importance in the face of the pandemic to ensure that their team members are able to maintain their wellbeing by being their pillar of strength and help guide their journey. 

Promote and support change

We have often heard that change is the only constant and 2020 is the greatest proof of that. To succeed in 2021 and beyond, managers must be agile to adapt to, support and even promote change. Managers who cling onto the status quo tend to retard their professional growth and that of their team. Therefore, a mindset and attitude that supports change is definitely a development goal for managers for 2021.

Build dynamic and inclusive teams

Continuing the conversation of change, managers need to set a development goal to build dynamic and inclusive teams. The pace at which businesses had to transition to a virtual workforce was unprecedented and nobody can be quite sure what the future holds. Therefore, managers must start their year by nurturing their team to be dynamic which is quick to manage transitions. Additionally, promote a culture of inclusion where everyone gets their voice heard and has a sense of belongingness. These development goals will help managers excel as a leader. 

Network in and around

Building networking skills and actually putting them to use is another key development goal for managers. Putting your best foot forward in silos can only take you up the leadership ladder to an extent. Going beyond requires you to build relationships with everyone around you, irrespective of whether they will have a say in your professional trajectory or not. Honing communication skills, active listening, adding value to someone else’s professional journey, etc. are all ways to achieve great milestones. Therefore, networking is definitely a key development area worth exploring. 

Raise your hand for upskilling

Being a manager does not indicate that one knows everything there is to know. Rather, learning never stops. When setting their development goals, managers should put in a special space for the new skills they would like to pick up. These could be technical skills where they might invest in reverse mentoring from their junior to come up the curve on latest technologies or other competencies. The objective is to leave enough space for upskilling in your development curve.

Adopting a continuous approach for development

As we draw this piece to a close, to help managers achieve their development goals, organizations may explore collaborations with platforms like SuperBeings which offer continuous improvement and development programs. Such programs offer tools, insights and learning including subtle behavioral nudges on a regular basis to help managers achieve their goals incrementally. 

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