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Build a super engaged workforce to reduce attrition and increase employee productivity with our employee engagement software.

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software is a category of application programs that organizations use to increase employee job satisfaction and retain talented workers. The primary goal is to help workers become absorbed in the mission and culture of their organization, which in turn will lead to more productivity and effective outcomes. This software comes into the picture when concern about disengaged workers pushes employers to look for an effective solution. This leads to them buying employee engagement software for their organization.

The concept of employee engagement dates back to the 1990s when organizations kept trying various strategies to motivate workers and drive loyalty and productivity. With the rapid growth of the HR technology sector in the 2000s, employee engagement software quickly became a popular human resource management (HRM) tool for reducing turnover, stimulating innovation, and helping to increase profitability.

According to a Gallup survey from 2018, organizations with high levels of employee engagement are 21 percent more profitable than their competitors. Employee involvement, on the other hand, implies different things to various firms. Some businesses regard employee engagement as a way to increase sales, while others see it as a way to reduce attrition or improve training and performance efficiency.

How does an employee engagement software work

Employee engagement tools collect feedback from employees using different types of surveys including annual and pulse surveys, which are brief questionnaires given to employees at regular intervals with a curated collection of questions designed to correctly assess employee engagement and the employee experience.

This software aims to increase engagement and performance through elements such as recommendations, mindfulness, and connecting workers to others and to common purposes. These include regular feedback, coaching, encouragement, learning, competition, participation in a team, and much more.

Where is employee engagement software used and by whom

Employee engagement software is great for businesses and HR departments of all sizes looking to implement, manage, or expand employee engagement initiatives and is most commonly implemented in HR departments as either a supplemental tool or direct replacement for the traditional performance review process.

This software is normally used by larger companies who often find it harder to unify their workforce. This can be also called a  tool that unites people who work on different floors or in different segments of a company, which comes with incredible benefits.

Benefits of using an employee engagement software

When it comes to creating and retaining a happy, engaged workforce, money isn't always the answer. So, how do we discover a way to meaningfully engage employees? As it turns out, software designed specifically for this purpose is being given substantial attention over traditional benefits. Here are 7 benefits to adding employee engagement software to your business:

More productivity
An employee who is engaged is a productive employee. When employees understand their worth and the influence their work has on the organisation, they are more inclined to contribute at a higher level and go above and beyond the bare requirements of their position. Employees will feel more committed to their responsibilities, resulting in increased growth and success for the company.
Decision making
You can begin to think about your organization's needs once you have a better understanding of the common features. This should help you narrow down your options and find that perfect fit that will engage your team members and foster the company culture you are aiming for.
Better employee engagement
Employee engagement software is intended to do precisely what the name implies, but it is more than just allowing employees to talk online during the workday. People feel more like part of a team when they can react to one another and to clients instantly. More importantly, they feel that they are a part of the broader picture that is - your company's primary objective
Better Retention
Have you ever wondered what the most common reasons could be for people who leave their jobs? You’ll see most of those reasons have little or almost nothing to do with salary or even health insurance.

People often resort to quitting their jobs because they are not recognised for their efforts, have poor working relationships, or are unable to contribute to business goals using their capabilities, leading to a feeling of unhappiness with the management. This is where Employee Engagement Software does its magic. This software allows employees to find more opportunities to connect with their team and their boss on a daily basis, allowing them to receive the feedback and appreciation they seek.

Better and Improved Onboarding
Entering a new place can often be pretty intimidating. This is pretty much the case when it comes to being the new employee in an organization as well. There are a lot of things to consider at this point. You not only have an overwhelming number of things to learn, but you also have the added burden of acclimating to your team and the nagging notion that it will be months before you bring meaningful value. It might mean a lot to a new employee to be asked for comments and to be reassured that their previous experiences and personal perspectives are valuable to the team.
Employees feel valued
Employee engagement software allows employees and managers to take a closer look at how everyone is feeling in real-time. Most platforms allow you to perform surveys, provide feedback, assist and encourage coworkers, and coach new hires as they grow. Employees feel valued when their opinions or suggestions are used and executed by management, in addition to feeling heard.
Peer Recognition
Peer recognition is another excellent feature shared by a majority of employee engagement software options. This is a quick way for team members to recognize when others on the team go above and beyond. Even in the best of times, recognition is important for morale and culture; it is even more important in this post-coronavirus era with more team members working remotely. The best way to determine the success of a platform's recognition options is to examine how they handle employee recognition within their own teams.

Lower absenteeism
Employees that are engaged are invested in their work and care about the success of their team. It stands to reason that they would turn up to work. Employees that are engaged are fully devoted to their organization's mission, and they will arrive every day with the aim of ensuring that it is completed.

Taking a day off once in a while can indicate that your employees are engaged. This shows that they are comfortable in their position, and they are convinced that one lost day will not jeopardize the task to be done. However, it is important to keep in mind that as and when patterns of absenteeism begin to emerge, steps to improve employee engagement levels should be taken.
Customer Service at its best
We live in a world that constantly sees a rise of self-service and tech-enabled buying, making customer service an even more crucial element. It is true that customers are more likely to be well-served when personnel are engaged. This is because employees that are engaged care strongly about their employment and, as a result, the consumers.

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Top features to look out for in an employee engagement software

The market offers a wide range of decent employee engagement software to help companies gauge and improve their employee engagement practices.

But it is important to have an in-depth look at the best employee engagement software, as each solution is distinct in terms of how its interfaces are structured and the capabilities it provides to consumers

Here are a few key features you might want to take into consideration before you decide to go for an employee engagement software.

Top-tier UI (User interface)

This is where we take a look at how the software is laid out. A user interface (UI) is the space where humans and machines interact in the industrial design field of human-computer interaction. The goal of this interaction is for the human to be able to operate and control the machine effectively, while the machine simultaneously feeds back information that aids the operators' decision-making process.

Ease of use and employee buy-in are critical components of any technology's success rate; after all, if no one wants to use it, you're squandering money. So, when you're looking into different possibilities, pay attention to how the functionality is presented. Platforms that have taken a cue from social media and designed their interface to feel like a community network, are some of the best platforms to go for

Ease of collecting feedback

Collecting timely feedback is yet another important feature to look out for. This is mostly done in the form of long surveys, which are delivered using emails. Such surveys are meant for users to click and fill them. This helps to decrease drop off rates up to an extent. The other kinds are Standalone bots which are comparatively easier to use, but require an additional interface. The third type are the ones which collect feedback by sitting inside workflow tools, for example- Slack/ Microsoft Teams / Google Chat. Different platforms will account for goal tracking in different ways, but as this is like the key piece of the puzzle, any good solution will have a strong component in place to account for this.

Good Performance Management

According to Gallup, continuous feedback from all sides is said to be beneficial, to increase profitability upto 22%. Performance management goes beyond goal planning to include critical aspects such as check-ins, talent assessments, coaching and employee feedback, reporting, and more. Goal setting may be included in this suite of services depending on the platform.

Ability to create employee surveys

The capacity to design surveys is another feature shared by the major employee engagement software alternatives. Employee surveys are tools that organizational leaders use to gather feedback on and measure employee engagement, morale, and performance. Surveys, which are typically completed anonymously, are also used to gain a comprehensive picture of employees' feelings on topics such as working conditions, supervisory impact, and motivation that regular channels of communication may not provide. Employee surveys are useful in an era where more businesses want to collect feedback from their teams on a regular basis rather than annual or quarterly.

Enough Collaborative Space

In addition to the fundamental functions, some employee engagement software platforms incorporate areas for team-building. This might be integrated into the main platform's social media vibe, or it may be a standalone component with virtual gathering areas. And it doesn't have to be all about employment. Collaborative spaces, on the other hand, are excellent for creating similar interests among team members.

Which is the best employee engagement software you could go for?

When it comes to boosting employee engagement, there are a whole lot of softwares out there that you could choose, based on your requirement and mostly on your goals. However, if you’re looking for a software that has it all, then SuperBeings is one such software you should definitely consider trying out.

What makes SuperBeings the best employee engagement software

  • The Most Comprehensive People Data Framework The simplest employee feedback mechanism. Employees answer just one question every day in just seconds, and not minutes.
  • With SuperBeings you can now measure the key drivers of your engagement with 40 + parameters, along with managerial competencies and much more,with a proprietary framework, backed by science.
  • Capture high-quality data right in an employee's workflow.  Collect data with our all-in-one software, integrated with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and emails to capture feedback easily.
  • We allow you to Supercharge your managers with the right tools, insights and recommendations to up their people management game
  • SuperBeings allows you to learn more by acting on the feedback using our curated suggestions and best practices, simultaneously as you work.
  • You can do much more like holding effective 1:1s, running custom polls and automating workflows like meeting feedback and sprint planning among others. .

How are we different from our competition

Apart from innumerous features including an extremely easy user interface, real-time insights and much more, we provide managers with carefully-curated personalized tools to help them create the best possible environment for their people, to achieve various organizational goals.

Get answers and solutions for all your organizational problems that hinder your organization’s growth, with SuperBeings. Ask the right questions and fix common issues at work using our recommended actions. With SuperBeings you can now continuously measure the outcome of your updated actions and initiatives.

Customer feedback

Here’s what our happy customers have to say when it comes to sharing their employee engagement experience at their organization with us:

Ben Purvis
Head of Operations at Zippin

It's been exactly what I was looking for. Provides interesting and actionable information in a real-time way with a very unobtrusive UI built into the chat system.

Mitesh K
HRBP at NameWellthy Therapeutics

My experience with Superbeings has been great it has provided me with meaningful insights which has helped me take decisions which helped in shaping the right culture for the organisation.

Avishi Gautam
Human Resources Business Partner at Pocket Aces

SuperBeings- The Human Bot. It really helps understand the employee mindset. The questions that the SuperBeings tool asks are so well thought of and psychologically backed. The tool can be customized according to my organizational need.

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