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While most businesses and people are acquainted with HR software, the environment is quickly evolving as new apps are introduced. HR software was initially confined to personnel data, payroll, and benefits as licenced on-premise software. However, the industry has grown considerably as a result of automation and increased need for cloud technologies.

Because of changes in customer expectations and employees' increased willingness to use self-service models, HR tasks such as payroll, time-off requests, and benefits management now take up less administrative time, allowing HR professionals to focus on recruiting, employee performance, company culture, branding, and other tasks that now fall under the descriptor of talent management.

What is an HR Tool?

HR software, often known as a human resource management system, is a technology that simplifies the administration of people. It accomplishes this by assisting you in keeping track of the tasks, data, and procedures associated with people management. Many smaller businesses may not equate people management with 'HR,' which is associated with larger corporations, but the fact is that as soon as you hire someone, you have obligations as an employer, which includes managing admin.

Employee and manager self-service, as well as employee data collection, are common features of HR software such as job, pay, addresses, personal information, holiday, and absence information. An HR system securely stores your people data in a single location, eliminating the need to store your data in multiple unsecure locations such as email, Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, or even on paper in a filing cabinet, enabling greater data security and assisting you in better complying with the GDPR. However, HR software nowadays is capable of much more.

Why are HR Tools important?

Your company's most valuable and significant resource is not its office building or warehouse; it is the people who work there. As a result, it makes excellent financial sense to look after your staff and assist them in performing at their best.HR software simplifies personnel management and saves you and everyone else a lot of time. Spending less time on manual administration allows you to focus on the things that keep your workers happy and focused on the job at hand.

These diverse technological solutions assist businesses in successfully managing their day-to-day HR tasks. HR processes are compliance-driven, and doing them manually is inefficient, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. HR solutions harness the power of automation, allowing HR professionals to save time, save expenses, and simply manage their personnel. All fundamental HR procedures, from new hiring requests to employee exit interviews, are handled by HR tools. Organizations can choose a simple HR software that handles common administrative duties such as vacation management, timesheet management, and so on, depending on their needs.

Investing in user-friendly, simple, and mobile-accessible HR software may help workers better participate with procedures like appraisals and goal planning; activities that contribute to improved organisational performance and increased retention of skilled people.Your people's data may be jeopardised if you do not use HR software. As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, there has been an increase in cyberattacks, putting your people's data at danger. HR software, particularly those that enable two-factor authentication, will assist you in more successfully guarding against potential threats and protecting critical data.

Benefits of using a good HR Tool 

As organisations develop, HR teams and senior leadership must have a better understanding of their workforce in order to make sound choices. HR software can give this perspective while also facilitating growth, productivity, and performance, allowing HR to serve as a strategic partner to other company areas.

Because HR teams and the senior leaders they support can quickly access, analyse, and report on people data, HR teams and the senior leaders they support can make better, more strategic, and timely choices, helping to boost HR's reputation within the larger organisation.Here are a a few benefits of using a good HR tool:

Helps you save time
The primary advantage of a human resource tool is that it saves time. By automating time-consuming personnel management duties, you will have more time to devote to business-building activities.

If you rely on papers and file cabinets to keep track of basic employee information, it may rapidly become a nightmare. Consider how long it takes you to dig up holiday request paperwork to find out how much vacation time your staff has remaining.HR software saves you time by automating routine procedures like holiday pay, absence monitoring, and training. It can also assist you in streamlining procedures in order to improve overall productivity and job management.
Boosts employee development
Employee development is critical to your company's long-term success. It not only helps you develop a more competent and productive staff, but it also increases retention by engaging your employees, making them less inclined to quit for another job. 

Another advantage of using an HR programme is the ability to track employee growth. It may be used to keep track of performance reports, training courses, targets, and qualifications.HR software will even remind you and your managers to meet on a regular basis and will assist you in transforming these sessions into more meaningful coaching dialogues. This allows you to focus on your employees career development while also boosting employee engagement and retention.

Increased Productivity
HR software boosts efficiency for HR professionals, managers, and employees as well.Employees should spend their time on high-value projects rather than repetitive chores in today's fiercely competitive and disruptive work environment. Automation and digitalization are being used by businesses of all sizes and sectors to focus the majority of their production on profit-generating operations. HR software is one example of how organisations are evolving digitally. It has the potential to increase the productivity of your whole staff.

Makes monitoring much more easy and efficient
A good HR software enables you to create an easily accessible holiday planning system and understand the reasons for each absence.

However, rather than simply being a glorified calendar, excellent human resource management systems aid your SME by calculating pro-rata rights, keeping track of remaining leave, and assisting you in managing holiday requests.Employees may also seek leave time at any time, regardless of where they work, thanks to the HR software.
Improved decision-making
When HR professionals aren’t spending lots of time on administrative tasks and can trust that day-to-day benefits, payroll and personnel administration are accurate, they can focus on improving the overall employee experience. This helps them make much better decisions.
Security at its best
Human resource management systems provide considerable benefits in terms of security. Cloud-based HR software also protects your valuable employee data from physical disasters such as floods or fires; you can access your data from any location using your computer or mobile. HR solutions provide a comprehensive document management solution, ranging from determining who reads what to boosting efficiency by decreasing paperwork. It's also a convenient location to save outdated papers, rules, employee handbooks, and training manuals. Printing fewer papers will get you closer to being a paperless office.

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How to choose the right HR tool for your organization

The value propositions of human resources tools are evolving, much like the department itself. Administrative tools that make data gathering easier and enable employee self-service are becoming standard practise, and leading businesses are utilising HR software to optimise and thoroughly engage their staff.

Choosing the best HR tool is a time-consuming process that needs much preparation and evaluation. Before making a decision, you must develop a thorough strategy, examine organisational needs, and evaluate the available options.

Start by examining the HR technology that your company currently uses. What are the main benefits and drawbacks of this system? Try to properly examine your HR department's work and describe not only the procedures that need to be automated, but also the areas that may be enhanced in other ways. In reality, such difficult work cannot be completed by one person. So it's a good idea to discuss with your team members by holding brainstorming sessions, encouraging employees in your HR department to provide suggestions, or even asking employees from other departments about the problems they have when talking with HR professionals.

There is a wide range of HR software alternatives on the market, so don't rush into a decision.The following are some of the most common characteristics in an HR Tool that will affect your ultimate decision:

The HR software should safeguard gathered data from cyber assaults in a secure manner. Otherwise, your company as a whole and your employees as individuals would be jeopardised.

Cloud Storage
There is no need to invest extra time and money on on-premise solutions if your firm is tiny. A competent human resources tool can perform all of the same duties with less resources.

If you anticipate that your company will expand, you should guarantee that the system will be able to handle the extra burden. Otherwise, you will be compelled to change your HR software in order to stay up with the speed of development.

Performance Evaluations
This tool reduces paperwork and measures employee performance in an entirely new way. Human resource analysts may build a growth plan for each employee and track their progress throughout the year.

Built-in Benefits
It's a good idea to select HR software that has built-in benefits modules to assist manage employees' health benefits, retirement savings programmes, and any other benefits you offer.

This feature is critical if you operate in an industry where most employees have flexible schedules. Scheduling tools will assist your organisation in developing ideal schedules that will increase job productivity.

What makes SuperBeings the best HR management system?

A strong HR management system would actively involve your staff in the goal-setting process of your company. It will also ensure that all objectives are aligned with the organization's ultimate goal. It's critical that you and the rest of your organization's leaders understand the significance of HR management. You will be setting yourself up for failure by avoiding it. Though it will take some time to put together, putting your time and resources into building an effective approach to manage your people will be well worth it.

SuperBeings is one amongst the best HR management tools with manager development built-in to streamline day to day activities. The platform allows you to set and track goals / KPIs / OKRs continuously which help you align the organization to a common cause. Additionally with its engagement and manager development modules it gives you a clear picture of why performance improves or dips over a period of time, and how you could take corrective action, as an HR leader.

Here’s why you might want to consider SuperBeings before any other HR management tool out there:

  • You can learn more by acting on the feedback using the curated suggestions and best practices, simultaneously as you work.
  • An all-in-one platform with a super simple interface.
  • Provides leaders with all the right tools, insights and recommendations along with employee satisfaction survey templates to up their people management game.
  • A brilliant employee performance software to gain real-time insights as you build your team.
  • Allows users to measure the key drivers of your engagement with 40 + parameters, along with managerial competencies and much more,with a proprietary framework, backed by science.
  • Global, organizational, and peer benchmarks to help you take pre-emptive action on key issues.
  • A highly affordable employee performance management tool.
  • With a chat first interface directly integrated into Slack / Ms Teams / Gchat it makes it super simple to stay on top of things.

How are we different from our competition

Apart from innumerous features including customizable pulse surveys, an extremely easy user interface, real-time insights and much more, we provide HR leaders with carefully-curated personalized tools to help them create the best possible environment for their people, to achieve various organizational goals.

Get answers and solutions for all your organizational problems that hinder your organization’s growth, with SuperBeings. Ask the right questions and fix common issues at work using our recommended actions. With SuperBeings you can now continuously measure the outcome of your actions and initiatives.

Customer feedback

Here’s what our happy customers have to say when it comes to sharing their employee engagement experience at their organization with us:

Ben Purvis
Head of Operations at Zippin

It's been exactly what I was looking for. Provides interesting and actionable information in a real-time way with a very unobtrusive UI built into the chat system.

Mitesh K
HRBP at NameWellthy Therapeutics

My experience with Superbeings has been great it has provided me with meaningful insights which has helped me take decisions which helped in shaping the right culture for the organisation.

Avishi Gautam
Human Resources Business Partner at Pocket Aces

SuperBeings- The Human Bot. It really helps understand the employee mindset. The questions that the SuperBeings tool asks are so well thought of and psychologically backed. The tool can be customized according to my organizational need.

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