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Track and manage employee feedback to increase employee productivity and engagement with the best Pulse Survey Tool to reduce employee turnover once and for all.

When it comes to managing employees, it is critical to understand how to gather constructive feedback from them, as this is critical to the health of any firm. There are traditional approaches, such as employee engagement surveys, but in recent years, pulse surveys have progressively increased in popularity.

Did you know that pulse surveys receive a much higher response rate of 45-55% that can even go up to 95%,  than that of the average employee engagement surveys? Yes it's true!
This is probably why the finest of leaders understand the value of the pulse survey and recognise it as the key to increasing staff participation.

This is probably why the finest of leaders understand the value of the pulse survey and recognise it as the key to increasing staff participation.

What is a pulse survey?

An employee pulse survey is a quick and frequent survey approach that eliminates long form surveys and is intended to be completed daily, weekly or every few weeks. They provide a quick and brief insight of a company's health, hence the name "pulse."

Rather than using paper or specialised in-house survey tools, an employee pulse survey can be conducted safely over the Internet. The advantage of ‘cloud software' is that it is constantly enhanced, and new features can be added as each month passes.

While pulse surveys are considered fairly "new" in business circles, having only been around for 5-8 years, employee surveys, on the other hand, have been used for nearly a century. The earliest employee surveys, known as "employee attitude surveys," appeared in successful industrial enterprises in the 1920s.

Benefits of pulse survey

Employee pulse surveys have numerous proven benefits, the most common of which are increased employee engagement and improved business culture. Here are a few more advantages you probably didn't know of:

Paves the way for open communication
Pulse surveys help to clarify expectations, boost information sharing, and foster an innovative workplace.

Using an employee pulse survey helps to create an open environment for communication and motivates employees to share ideas and make suggestions for improvements.

Helps to direct future activities
Measuring employee engagement with pulse surveys will provide you with full feedback, allowing you to undertake an in-depth study. In turn, that information can be used to create effective action plans, which serve as critical tools for increasing overall participation.
Higher response rates
Because of the ease of completing team pulse surveys, as well as the time considerations which are mostly made, many companies discover that they have far higher response rates with all or most employees completing these pulse surveys every poll period, as compared to the traditional annual employee surveys that fail to generate as many results.

Provide analysis of improvement over time
The majority of employee pulse survey reports include statistical analysis and trend graphs. Examining how reactions changed following significant or minor internal events or during periods of change, provides valuable insight into employee motivation and morale.

Allows focus on topical subjects
Repetitive inquiries asked over time have been shown to be an effective approach to creating positive habits.

It is pretty obvious that if someone is asked about a specific issue on a weekly basis, the habit-forming nature of this activity suggests that they will be more conscious of this topic on the other six days of the week.

Thus, pulse surveys allow employees to focus on specific topics and areas of importance.

Improve Staff Relations And Recruitment
When you have more regular dialogue with your employees, they feel more valued and listened to, which is good for employee relations and recruitment, and pulse surveys do just that to take your staff relations to a whole new level.

Frequent reminder that employee feedback is valued
Studies show that a high number of individuals admire leaders who ask for input or feedback, and doing so definitely boosts morale and contentment.By consistently asking for employee feedback, you demonstrate through your company's activities that you value employee feedback. This makes your employees feel valued and satisfied in the organization.

Reduced completion time
Unlike the usual yearly employee survey, pulse surveys are designed to be completed quickly with utmost ease, eliminating the typical financial and time costs for organisations to survey their employees.

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What are pulse survey tools?

Pulse survey tools follow a data-driven approach by collecting, measuring, and acting on real-time employee feedback. A pulse survey tool offers an excellent way to set an industry benchmark for companies and gain insights into employee surveys.

They help in tracking engagement levels and drivers of engagement in the organization. A pulse survey tool enables managers to understand if action plans are working so that they can accordingly make modifications quickly. Such tools are quite helpful as they demonstrate that employee feedback is important to the organization.

While most organisations invest in employee engagement surveys, checking in on your staff only once or twice a year is simply insufficient. Too much time passes without providing adequate opportunities to address significant issues or concerns that your employees may have. With staff pulse surveys, you can check in with your employees on a regular basis and address any issues or concerns before it's too late.

How do pulse survey softwares work?

A staff pulse software conducts surveys that are short and extremely quick. These surveys are then sent out to employees on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly.) in order to check-in on the employees, providing a pulse check on topics such as employee satisfaction, job role, communication, relationships, and work environment.

The surveys typically consist of only 5-15 questions, therefore, they are not time consuming at all and are super easy to answer. Pulse survey softwares are quite useful as they provide the feedback your employees give which can in turn help you decide which areas need improvement. This also helps to form the basis of a regular measure of changes in levels of engagement and satisfaction within your organisation.

Pulse surveys provide a regular measure and trend line, all throughout the year, of changes in various factors, providing a level of transparency that can never be delivered by an annual engagement survey.With staff pulse survey softwares, you can regularly check in with your staff and address any issues or concerns before it’s too late.

Pulse tools are a great way to get started with building an employee first organization but equal emphasis needs to be given when it comes to acting on the feedback. If employees don't see any action, gradually their interest in giving feedback diminishes.

Questions to consider while choosing a pulse survey tool

A Powerful online employee pulse survey tool, helps any organization listen to the employees' pulse at any stage by collecting, measuring, and acting on real-time employee feedback. It allows the managers to analyze trends, uncover factors of employee turnover, predict behaviors, and ultimately increase employee retention, also giving flexibility to the managers to gain insights into various departments across different organization parameters.

Before moving forward with picking the right pulse survey tool that works perfect for you and your organization, here are a few questions you would need to ask yourself before making the right decision:

  • Is the user interface easy enough?
    Everyone loses interest when they are in a place where it's hard to figure their way out. Make sure you don’t let your employees lose their way, as they express their opinion in the form of feedback via your survey software. You will want to ensure that the actual survey itself is very easy to navigate and complete.If a survey takes twice as long due to a confusing interface, this could add significant staff costs over a year, and even lead to a whole lot of problems for your organization. 

    It is important to check for ease of access for users, ie, allowing them to respond within the pre-existing tools they use, for example Slack, Gchat etc, instead of having them head over to a separate link for it.

    With that being said, keep in mind that the survey reports need to be easy to understand and share as well. If they are heavily technical or difficult to assess, you will end up wasting precious time and effort trying to dig out insights from them.
  • Will your employees be asked for anonymous, individual responses or both?
    It is recommended to go with an option where you would be able to accomplish both. While anonymous surveys are fantastic, many businesses discover that as their company culture improves, employees are willing to fill out identifiable questionnaires just as honestly.
  • Are custom questions allowed?
    To deliver value, you should choose a tool that includes a solid survey question library; but, there may be instances when you need to ask a specific, bespoke question. This should be possible without incurring any additional fees or requiring any further setup. So go for an option that gives you both- a solid library and the choice to put out custom made surveys.
  • Does it provide a good up-time and solid backup recovery processes?
    Keep in mind to always ensure that the survey provider is hosted on dedicated high-capacity servers and that all data is frequently backed up. This will be really useful for you during times where you accidentally lose your data due to certain circumstances.
  • Are the response screens mobile friendly enough?
    In many countries, mobile internet use is now catching up to desktop use. As a result, it is critical that whichever survey you choose enables people to respond on their phones or tablet devices. 

    For completing pulse surveys, mobile devices have a higher device rate than laptops or desktops. Thus,employees will be frustrated and response rates will be lower if the survey is not mobile friendly.

Features of a good pulse survey tool

In challenging times, it’s important to make decisions based on the best information.Most employers are relying on annual surveys and manager conversations to gather that information, which as we know ,is less effective than a listening tool such as pulse surveys or continuous conversation solutions. A good pulse survey tool should provide users with the following features:

  • Pulse survey questionnaire builders, with different types of questions, e.g. ratings or open-text questions.
  • Question banks to provide inspiration and unbiased questionnaires.
  • Automated reminders and invitations for participants.
  • Charts and reporting to see how responses and participation rates change over time, plus data exports.
  • Seamless Integration with Slack, Google and Office 365
  • Easy to use for participants.
  • Must be both selective and flexible at the same time.
  • Generate custom reports.
  • Easy to style and quick to analyze.
  • Set-up Employee Experience Management Suite

What makes SuperBeings the best Pulse Survey tool

  • The simplest employee feedback mechanism. With customizable Pulse Surveys, employees answer just one question every day in just seconds, and not minutes.
  • Superbeings allows you to measure the key drivers of your engagement with 40 + parameters, along with managerial competencies and much more,with a proprietary framework, backed by science.
  • Capture high-quality data right in an employee's workflow.
  • An  all-in-one pulse survey tool software, integrated with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and emails to capture feedback easily.
  • Supercharge your managers with the right tools, insights and recommendations to up their people management game
  • Learn more by acting on the feedback using our curated suggestions and best practices, simultaneously as you work.
  • Along with pulse surveys you can even hold effective 1:1s, running custom polls and automating workflows like meeting feedback and sprint planning among others. .

How are we different from our competition

Apart from innumerous features including customizable pulse surveys, an extremely easy user interface, real-time insights and much more, we provide managers with carefully-curated personalized tools to help them create the best possible environment for their people, to achieve various organizational goals.

Get answers and solutions for all your organizational problems that hinder your organization’s growth, with SuperBeings. Ask the right questions and fix common issues at work using our recommended actions. With SuperBeings you can now continuously measure the outcome of your actions and initiatives.

Customer feedback

Here’s what our happy customers have to say when it comes to sharing their employee engagement experience at their organization with us:

Ben Purvis
Head of Operations at Zippin

It's been exactly what I was looking for. Provides interesting and actionable information in a real-time way with a very unobtrusive UI built into the chat system.

Mitesh K
HRBP at NameWellthy Therapeutics

My experience with Superbeings has been great it has provided me with meaningful insights which has helped me take decisions which helped in shaping the right culture for the organisation.

Avishi Gautam
Human Resources Business Partner at Pocket Aces

SuperBeings- The Human Bot. It really helps understand the employee mindset. The questions that the SuperBeings tool asks are so well thought of and psychologically backed. The tool can be customized according to my organizational need.

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