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You’re at the right place! Boost your organization’s employee engagement with SuperBeings to get your employees charged up to overcome challenges and switch from passive to active.

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An all-in-one employee engagement solution that provides users with the right mix of tools, insights, and learning needed to continuously develop and motivate their teams.

The software uses employee feedback to identify gaps and accordingly recommends personalized learning content and best practices to each manager to close the loop from feedback to action.



An effective employee engagement forum that provides managers with the resources they need to boost trust, collaboration, and team performance. 

Assists managers in getting to know their staff by sending out weekly Pulse Surveys that include alternatives for confidential, written input.

What features do Officevibe and SuperBeings share?



Compare survey results to industry benchmarks to locate key areas for improvement. Evaluate survey results at either a high-level or individual employee level.

Reporting & Dashboards

Survey results can be visualized and reported on in real time, with manager dashboards and automated reporting tools. Reports can be customized and distributed to aid in organizational improvement and employee performance reviews.


Employee Pulse Surveys

Distribute short, customizable culture-focused surveys or polls to employees to measure the various factors of employee engagement, including job, environment, and pay satisfaction.

Science-based templates

Provides content templates built by academics and/or practitioners and leverage science and research.


Survey Customization

Customize various components of surveys, including individual questions, distribution frequency, audience size, and anonymity.

How do the platforms compare?

Culture Amp
Culture Amp
From 26$
For business
Chat First (Slack, microsoft Teams, Gchat) - One click Feedback
Continuous and Realtime Feedback (Daily one question only)
Science Backed Framework
Combines Work Environment, Org Culture an Individual Psychometric data
Custom Templates (Tried and tested to dive deeper and automate workflows)
DIY Surveys (100% Build your own survey)
Automated Reminders
Realtime, Pulse, Lifecycle Surveys, Onboarding, Offboarding etc
Custom Audiences (Whole org, particular teams, particular individuals etc)
HR Dashoards
Manager Dashboards
Predictive Analytics
Organization Culture Report
Personality Insights Report
Custom Reports and Indexes
Contextual and Personalized Suggested Actions
Recommended Learning content
Targetted Alerts
Progress Tracking
Behavioral Nudges
Meeting Suggestions
Data Management

So why consider it as the best alternative to Officevibe?

Even though getting people fully involved and interested seems like a task that is impossible for organizations to achieve,SuperBeings manages to make it possible in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, by providing the right solutions to all your engagement related issues to elevate your organization’s overall levels of employee engagement.
With an amazing combo of features and tools at an affordable pricing; starting from just $5/employee/month, SuperBeings provides you with nothing less than the best, to measure manager effectiveness, by simultaneously keeping track of your organization’s leadership development and employee engagement.

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